Yay for friendship day! (yes, I know that rhymes)

Seeing as it’s Friendship day, I’ve decided to eschew my stoicism and embrace my gushy sentimental side.

So, here’s to:

My Dubai gang: Annapoorna, Farhana, Sabeena, Reshma, Ayesha, Gayatri, Manasi Khumbat, Rajalaksmi, Simone, Anupam, Roshni, Nisha, Manasi Totade, Neha, Chandini, Shilpa.
You guys made my life in the Modern High School some of the best days of my life. Thanks. We’ve lost touch, but wherever you are, hope you’re happy.

SPVTZ: Simeen, Preeti, Vishali, Talat and Zainab: The two years with you in St.George’s were awesome. I’ve never laughed so hard as I did during those days. And though we’ve gone our separate ways now, I hope you know that anything you need, anytime, anywhere, I’ll be there.

The Acme group: Sameera, Poonam and Shirisha. Wonder where you guys are. Hope you’re having fun and Shirisha’s still screaming at people like she screamed at Vijay Bhaskar :lol:

The Villa Marie Duo: Risha and Shubitha-you made the two years of Intermediate bearable. And I still laugh when I see someone with a badly tailored blouse cause I remember how we used to make fun of our Botany teacher Mrs. Nagamani for her truly ‘out there’ style of dressing :)

The Aurorians: Amulya, Sneha, Shailee, Romola, Reema M, Shalini, Animesh, Piyali, Rima Singh. Dunno how the three years went by…we had a lot of fun, didn’t we?
I miss all the ‘chittis’ we used to pass in class (never once getting caught–yay for us!), all those Genetics notebooks that had ‘Refer to Sudha’s notes’, all the silly songs we used to sing, the lunches we would share, how much fun Shalu, Shailee , Reema and I used to have in our practicals…there’s too much more to write.

The Bongaali Babus: Shom, Saptarshi, Anand, Sayantan and Anirvan:

Saptarshi: Thanks for letting me hold onto the hope that there’s hope for men yet! You’re truly a chivalrous guy (well, at least more chivalrous than most), so thanks.

Anirvan and Sayantan–thanks for bombarding me with the concept of Evolution ( I still have nightmares about those classes) and introducing me to Richard Dawkins.

Thanks to Shom for teaching me the meaning of patience! :) Eh, but I luff you anyway. I miss all the competitions Amul, you and I used to attend together.

And Anand, you truly taught me the meaning of SPD. Ask Amul for further details, anyone :)

–Harshini, Sri Divya, Lalitha, Krishna, Santosh, Avinash, Vinita,Vedant, Satyaki, the Hostel gang–Julia, Sonia, Dineshwari, Jurmula, Priya: I heart all you guys.

If I’m missing anyone else, forgive me. I sometimes have a memory like a chalni (or, for the linguistically challenged, like Swiss cheese) but believe me I treasure your friendship too.

And finally, to all the nameless, gone in two hours ‘friends’ I made along the way in my life–people I shared a seat in the bus with, people I stood in line with, people I smiled at when something funny happened in public–thanks for your few minutes of companionship.

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  1. A

    i’ am gi’rate ful for u to open bloggy deary…but please give others ur blog id so that they enlaay tooo.atleast the ones who are worth it :D

    happy fi’renship day…or for u phirangship day :D

    keep blogging…hopefully i shud get back to that in a while….

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