My first book is out – Dark Things Between the Shadow and the Soul, a collection of fractured fairy tales that started out as a series of posts on this site. Now I’m working on my first novel, a paranormal thriller that is in the re-writing and editing stage.

Here you’ll find updates on my books, thoughts that strike me as I research their plots, my thinky thoughts on writing, other writers and their work.

And just what on earth is fanfiction, I hear most of you say. Well, here, let me google that for you. In short ...
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I think I can write about this with at least some amount of credibility, seeing that I've had newspaper articles and short stories edited - ...
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The smell of coffee and books
I promised myself I wouldn't blog until I was done with the first draft of my book - the one that incorporates the first round ...
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I first heard the 'Observer Effect' term from author Raksha Bharadia, during a writers' workshop I attended years ago (2009, I think it was) ...
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