Wascally Wabbits

Wascally Wabbits

rabbits as pets
So I bought two rabbits on my trip to Shillong last week.

rabbits as pets

Not named them yet. I am open to suggestions. Mainly because I’m overwhelmingly tempted to name them Fluffy the Terrible and  Bubbles the Horrible.

rabbits as pets

The white one is more active, he follows me around the room (and even out of the room) while the black one is more timid. He goes and hides if you enter the room too suddenly, or make too much noise.

rabbits as pets

Both are very playful and curious, they’re always climbing and jumping and peering into everything.

I’m suddenly very busy running after them, making sure they’re not munching on anything important. A good way to pass the time indoors!


[mood| busy running after the wabbits!]
[music| Black Eyed Boy: Texas]

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