Upcoming work: My paranormal thriller

I’ve been writing since I was a kid of thirteen, first cutting my writer teeth on fanfiction.

The very first fanfic I ever wrote was for The Pretender, a show that I still have a lingering fondness for, despite its conspiracy-theories-on-crack plot. I was a kid back then, just starting to stretch my writing wings. With the internet boom, I graduated to writing fanfic for Harry Potter, then Firefly, and then many other fandoms competing for my time. I was writing every day, and I loved it.

It seems only natural now that my first book is something that is very similar to fanfiction. Dark Things Between the Shadow and the Soul, started as a series of posts on this very blog. As an anthology of short stories that retells famous legends from Indian mythology, the book built on my background in fanfiction to explore new ideas and themes in mythology.

I’m now working on my first novel—a paranormal thriller about an ordinary girl caught in a situation beyond her control. It’s currently in the drafting and re-writing stage.

I was incredibly optimistic when I thought it would only require one rewrite and just a little editing (oh, my foolish youth). Turns out, getting the first draft of a novel done is the easy part.

The real work begins when you try to hammer it into shape.

The worst part is re-reading your own work after having a suitable bit of time and distance from it – you start reading, thinking, ‘This is awesome! I’m awesome!’ And then you see the first inconsistency. Or the first typo. Or the first mischaracterisation.

And you go: ‘What the hell was I thinking when I wrote this?’

I’ve been told that eventually there is light at the end of the tunnel – one does think the story and the writing is at least passable, if not good, by the end of the whole process.

I’m still a long away from that point.

Crippled by Writer’s Block when inspiration would not strike, I had to halt progress on the novel for a while.

I took up fanfiction but the dreaded block (and real-life commitments) struck there, as well, so my Mirchi fanfic languishes in limbo.

The muse seems to be stirring again when it comes to my novel, so I do have hope that I will power through the Block somehow.

So what’s my upcoming novel really about?

So glad you asked.


SS Kuruganti's novel

My upcoming paranormal thriller

When Bhavani first hears someone knocking from inside her mirror, she thinks she’s lost her mind. Trapped in an unbearable home life, stuck in a dead-end job; she’s sure the pressure has finally caught up with her. But the being from the mirror promises to set her life right, and Bhavani thinks to herself: what has she got to lose?

And at first, everything’s perfect.

As time goes by, though, it becomes clear that Bhavani’s reflection isn’t what it seems. It has needs of its own—and some of them are decidedly bloodthirsty.

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