TRESemmé Ramp Ready Hair Contest

Another contest post. Surprisingly enough, shampoo, again – this time TRESemmé.

hairstyles for medium hair

The idea being that you apply for a sample and make a hairstyle for yourself, or pick a hair style from the interactive TRESemmé India Youtube channel, or simply use your imagination.

The results have been announced, I’m a runner up. Yay, I win a Panasonic Hair straightener.

TRESemmé Ramp Ready Hair - IndiBlogger Contest Runner-up

So I applied for a sample of the ‘Smooth and Shine’ shampoo, and I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth and sleek my hair became after two washes. It really did look shinier (as the photos will attest) and I felt confident enough to try out two new styles (and counting). I will admit that I ended up googling ‘ hairstyles for medium hair ‘; I’m not very into fashion and beauty.

In fact, most people who know me will say that I’m not the kind of person to try out new hairstyles; I’ve had the same braids all through my school days – the only change being the move from two to one braid as I grew older. I tried out a pony tail a little later, but it was only when my friend pushed me (actually drove me to a hairstylist and left me there) that I ended up getting a change.

I have always felt a little handicapped by my curly hair; I couldn’t make many different hair styles with the kind of hair that would tangle easily if left open, or, if left to its own devices (that means un-moussed!) – imitate a sunrise – with the sun being my head. *sadface*

So with all these problems, one day, on an impulse, I took the plunge and decided to straighten my really curly hair – mostly because I was tired of not being able to do anything with my hair.

After that, I did try out a few styles, but best of all was the fact that I could actually leave my hair open and not worry about tangles.

I also tried out the retro look for a 60s themed party, tying up my hair in a high bun, Sadhana style.

retro look sadhana bun


And, of course,  the balloon ponytail from the TRESemmé Youtube channel – which is a simple hairstyle for those days that you want to look different but don’t have much time to pull together a new hairstyle. And it’s especially nice for hair like mine, which is currently between its original curly state, and still stubbornly hanging on to its straightened form (I suspect, mostly due to my telepathic orders to ‘stay straight please!)

Balloon ponytail hairstyle

My hair is still pretty short so I only ended up with one ‘balloon’, but it was a nice change from the ponytails I’ve been pulling my hair into now that I need to hide the curls showing through. I shall definitely be trying this hairstyle again soon!


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