Toward the Terra: Review

Toward the Terra


-In India: on Animax
-Originally: a manga series, and an OVA of the same name. Manga and anime licensed in English.
-24 episodes
-Rating: 3*

Toward the Terra centres around Jomy Marcus Shin, a young boy in a very post post future world, where humans have colonised and terraformed planets and no longer even remember that they were once inhabitants of Earth.

The life of every human being is determined and directed by a supercomputer called Eliza, and the system of government is essentially a dictatorship, though it goes by the name of SD, or Superior Domination.

All children undergo a test of adulthood – called the Awakening (heh) – at fourteen, after which they are integrated into adult society – which consists of separating them from their parents and childhood friends to go on and start their jobs wherever they are assigned.

Heeere’s Jomy!

On his fourteenth birthday, Jomy is excited to go through this rite of passage, but it all goes wrong for him when his Test triggers a latent gene in him that is identified by Eliza as a Mu gene – which nominates the possessor for instant death. As the computer administering Jomy’s death attempts to kill him, he is saved by a mysterious man who appears before him.

Hello, Mysterious Man!

This man, who calls himself Soldier Blue, tells Jomy that he is, in fact, not human – he is part of the Mu, a race of humans who possess psychic abilities. Soldier Blue has come for Jomy, he says, because Jomy is the one who will lead them all home – back to Terra.


As always, highlight to read spoilers, and all fanfic recommendations are based purely on my own shipping preferences. Feel free to add anything I may have missed.

My thoughts, let me show you them


This series is one of my recent favourites, and that has to purely rest with the very talented people who wrote the plot, did the character designs, and the Voice Actor in Animax’s stable who dubbed for Keith Anyan. Aaaah, that voice… *happy smile*

First off, I really liked the plot. I’m always a fan of dark, conflicted anti-heroes, and Keith Anyan fit the bill perfectly.

Keith (who by the Rule of Cool should have spelt his name as Anjion, dammit) is the most interesting character for me in the series, I especially love to see characters with rigid, RIGID veiwpoints change them over the course of time, as the events around them shape their opinions – which is what happens in life!

One of the few things which disappointed me in the series was the lack of the Keith/Physis shippage. There was really no reason why I instantly and madly – and completely without any evidence! – fell in love with the ship, but I just did, and I was beyond disappointed when it didn’t happen.

I was SO hoping to see something between them, post Keith getting taken onboard the Shangri La, but alas, it was apparently not to be. Dammit.

While I love seeing people overcome their enmity after being forced to face the opposition’s veiwpoints, I am a sucker for the mortal-enemies-turned-grudgingly-respectful-adversaries-turned-friends-turned-passionate-lovers thing. Which I didn’t get here, woe. D:

Really, though, who can blame me for shipping them, when you have images like this?

TELL ME that isn’t outright shippy. I DARE YOU.

They were even in both the OPs! Damned misleading people.

Coming to plot, it isn’t truly unique, but the anime moves along fast enough that I didn’t get bored, and there were a few twists and turns that managed to draw a disbelieving WTF from me.

The soundtrack is pretty good, both opening themes are on my playlist, as is the second ending song.

OP Season One: endscape by UVERworld
ED Season One: Love is by Katou Miliyah

OP Season Two: Jet Boy, Jet Girl by Hitomi Takahashi
OP Season Two: This Night by Chemistry


Why You Should Watch It

For pretty, pretty Keith Anyan. *sighs*

The plot is also entertaining enough, with a satisfying ending (come on, admit it, you awwed, too, at the epilogue), the artwork is fantastic and the soundtrack is hummable. If you like sci-fi, give this one a whirl. =)


Fanfic Recs

None so far, dammit. After a long trawl of the internets, I am forced to admit that there exists not one single Keith/Physis fic.

Which means I must either write it myself, or get someone to do it, come next Yuletide. *nods determinedly*

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