• Dark Things
  • Guilt is Relative

    indian mythology

     When the sun rose over the fields, Satyabhama was already at the well. She swiped a hand over her forehead, which dripped sweat, before pulling up the bucket. Pouring the water into her steel pot, she went into the kitchen, where she set the water aside for the day’s cooking. Her mother-in-law believed that the […]

  • Dark Things
  • Not a Love Story

    Indian mythology

    This is not a love story. In fact, this is not a story at all. The word ‘story’ indicates that this is made up, but really, it’s the truth—my truth. It started out normally enough – my parents suddenly realised they needed to get me married – I’d been out of college and working for a […]

  • Dark Things
  • Gone But Not Forgotten

    Budh first came upon her on a moonlight night. Every Wednesday, the merchant visited the temple in the village to give thanks to the divine for his prosperity. On the way back, Budh liked to stop by the riverbank and enjoy the peaceful nighttime scenery. It never failed to lift his heart. This night, however, […]