Garlic Muffins

I found the recipe for these online, and I liked the idea so much I decided to try it out immediately, despite the lack of mozarella cheese in my larder. I ended up substituting cheddar, and adding onions, and they turned out wonderful. I often make these as a side …

Vegetarian Pizza

Vegetarian pizza, made with tomatoes, onions and capsicum (green bell pepper). Homemade pizza base, not store bought. Recipe for the base, and pizza itself under the cut.

Paneer Bites

A paneer snack – Fingers of paneer coated in bread crumbs. I guess you could call it the vegetarian alternative to fish fingers. Easy peasy recipe under the cut.

Chipshape – Low Fat French Fries

Another sugarless, eggless, low fat snack. (Amul, hope you’re happy.) Ahah, Mr. Mous shall be disappointed at my lack of naming prowess, again. Actually, though, I’m just running true to form. I’ve had trouble naming almost everything I’ve ever written, with only one or two exceptions. Basically – low-fat french …