Thoughts on Writing: Bollywood Antiheroes

I’m Still Alive Although it feels like trying to do Nano this year is going to kill me. Or leave me a sleep deprived, burnt out mess. Either way, fun times! [/sarcasm] On hindsight, I guess I shouldn’t have attempted to write a novel the month that I have high maintenance house guests. Who’re staying for the whole of November. I looked up today and realised that it’s been a month since I’ve blogged. I’ve had the ‘Add new post’ page open in my browser... Read More

Wazza Guy on KBC

A little video I came up with. The germ for this idea is from a dream that Borat told me about on Gtalk – he dreamt he’d been a contestant on KBC, and that I was his ‘Phone a Friend’. He called me simply to gloat that he was on KBC and was going to win crores, and the 30 seconds was up – and once we had laughed and gloated together and I had put down the phone – he realised he didn’t know the answer to the question. Download here: Wazza Guy on KBC Disclaimer:... Read More


[mood| lethargic] [music| Kikyou’s theme: ‘Inuyasha’ OST] Looking back, sometimes I can’t believe I said or did certain things, because it seems so strange that I did not realise how fundamentally stupid they were, and I think to myself, ‘Thank god I’ve grown more mature, I’m past that stage now.’ And then I go and do something that gets added to the list. The only thing I can think of at those times – if I had a soundtrack to my life,... Read More

SSK Does Creative Things, Part the Second

[mood| artistic] [music| The Bard’s Song: Blind Guardian] So, I had some paint left over after painting over a wall in my study (it was an ugly grey – the kind of colour your water gets when you’re using water paints, and you’ve used a million different colours in your picture) a nice, sandalwood colour. There was a bit of wall in another room that had a patch of a completely different colour in the middle. So, combining the two, I came up with: A close up. (Visited... Read More

Explanation for TK’s Theory

[mood| sick][music| In my head: Viva la Vida – Coldplay] The titular theory being that people look their best when they’re ill. I always found it strange, and would ask TK why he felt that way (I think he told me this one day when I had come to college with a fever) but I can’t recall now what his answer was. Now, though, I wonder if it has to do with the fact that people who’re ill have feverbright eyes, pink cheeks from their flushed faces and a strange smile on their... Read More

Sympathy for Irina Spalko*

[mood| all right][music| Kikyou’s theme: ‘Inuyasha’ OST] While talking about things I don’t know much about runs the risk of me coming off as an overprivileged, ignorant idiot, the good thing about having my beliefs challenged is that I’m forced to learn something new. Which is always nice. *Irina Spalko being the name of Cate Blanchett’s character in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Her last scene in the movie has Irina asking the aliens... Read More

Horrible Realisations to Have at 3 AM

[mood| moody] [music| The End: Shane Alexander] The very worst thing about having delusions of grandeur is that terrible moment when you finally realise just how insignificant you actually are. (Visited 12 times, 1 visits today)Like this:Like Loading...  Read More

Blast from the Past: WTF-ery from George Bush

[mood| blah] [music| Season’s Call: Hyde (Blood+ OP2)] Remember George Bush’s comments on how India’s rising middle class was ‘increasing food prices because of their greater demand for food’? Yes, it was years ago, but whenever I read something like this, it just brings it all back to me and annoys me all over again. According to the report (for those who don’t want to click through), ‘The average American family of four throws out an estimated $130-175... Read More

Question of the Ages, Answered: What is Fandom?

[mood| Feet Ache-y] [music| ‘Twisted Nerve’ theme: Bernard Hermann] I’ve always wished I could find the words to explain how I feel about fandom, given the amount of time I spend on fannish activities, and how much I gush over fandom on my LJ and on this blog. I remember a friend once asked me why I liked fanfic (this was before I told anyone, ever, that I actually wrote fanfic myself, as well) and I struggled to explain it to her, the feeling of being part of something bigger,... Read More

Profundity in Anime and TV Thoughts

Profundity in Anime These lines particularly speak to me at the moment. Paraphrased: “The earth turns on a tilted axis, just doing the best it can.” – Hohenheim of Light, Fullmetal Alchemist Read More (Visited 12 times, 1 visits today)Like this:Like Loading...  Read More

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