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    Talaash review

    – One line review: A disappointing neo-noir film. More style than substance. – Rating: 2.5* – Running time : 139 minutes The movie is about Surjan Shekawat, a police officer investigating the apparent suicide/suspicious death of Armaan Kapoor, a film star. He suffers from insomnia, brought on by the accidental drowning of his eight year old […]

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    So I watch a lot of different things, but it always seems to be two or three different shows at once. Right now, they are: [RSSImport display=”10″ feedurl=”http://rss.imdb.com/user/ur32693816/watchlist”] Perhaps, in the due course of time (and as always, depending on my mood, of course) I shall review them, with screencaps, and fanfic recommendations, even. —————————————————- […]