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  • Adaptation: Original vs. Remix

    [mood| sleepless] [music| So Gaya Yeh Jahan: Nitin Mukesh, ‘Teezab’ OST] Had this on my mind for a while, ever since I finally saw ‘O Re Piya’ on tv the other day. I’d only ever heard it as part of the mashup by Shankar Tucker on Youtube. While I really liked the Shankar version, especially […]

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  • RYH: The Book of Counted Sorrows

    [mood| Cough-y and Throat Ache-y] [music| California: Phantom Planet] Again, that should read ‘inches’ and not ‘words’, dammit. What’s the use of having friends like Borat if they won’t help out when needed? The Book of Counted Sorrows by Dean Koontz Rather, The Book of Counted SorrowsBeing the Mind-Bending,Heart-Stopping, Bowel-Freezing,Spleen-Tickling History of the MostDangerous Book […]