SSK Does Creative Things, Part the Second

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So, I had some paint left over after painting over a wall in my study (it was an ugly grey – the kind of colour your water gets when you’re using water paints, and you’ve used a million different colours in your picture) a nice, sandalwood colour.

There was a bit of wall in another room that had a patch of a completely different colour in the middle.

So, combining the two, I came up with:

A close up.

SS Kuruganti has been writing nearly all her life, first starting out in fanfiction. Her first book, a paranormal thriller, will be published by Indireads.

She loves books, anime, cupcakes, chocolate, and talking about herself in the third person. If you want to talk, drop her a line, she also loves meeting new people.

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2 Responses to “SSK Does Creative Things, Part the Second”
  1. Argentyne says:

    lovely! :) how talented thou art!

    btw, you're so mean about the rice powder comment :| I didn't even know there was something called rice powder! Hence the question on where it would be available. X(

  2. SSK says:

    Thank you, dear. =)

    Aw, I'm sorry if I was mean about the rice powder. I genuinely couldn't believe that someone who had lived in South India for so long had never heard of rice powder. How did the dosas turn out? Would love to know. =)

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