SSK Does Creative Things, Part the Second

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[music| The Bard’s Song: Blind Guardian]

So, I had some paint left over after painting over a wall in my study (it was an ugly grey – the kind of colour your water gets when you’re using water paints, and you’ve used a million different colours in your picture) a nice, sandalwood colour.

There was a bit of wall in another room that had a patch of a completely different colour in the middle.

So, combining the two, I came up with:

A close up.

SSK has been writing nearly all her life, first starting out in fanfiction. She’s working on an independently published anthology of short stories based on Indian mythology.

She loves books, anime, cupcakes, chocolate, and talking about herself in the third person. If you want to talk, drop her a line, she also loves meeting new people.

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2 responses

  1. lovely! :) how talented thou art!

    btw, you're so mean about the rice powder comment :| I didn't even know there was something called rice powder! Hence the question on where it would be available. X(

  2. Thank you, dear. =)

    Aw, I'm sorry if I was mean about the rice powder. I genuinely couldn't believe that someone who had lived in South India for so long had never heard of rice powder. How did the dosas turn out? Would love to know. =)

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