Size Does Matter

Hobbit fanfiction

[Thorin Oakenshield, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, mid-movie]

He may have once been kind, but that was before Erebor fell.

Now Thorin Oakenshield doesn’t have time for niceties, or sparing the hobbit’s feelings. Thorin looks at Bilbo’s puny arms, and hands that have never held a blade sharper than a kitchen knife, and dismisses him as unworthy.

But now Bilbo stands before them—when he’d had the chance to run away, he’d decided to stay—to help some strange dwarves get their home back—that was when Thorin realised that though Bilbo’s arms were puny, the hobbit made up for it by having the largest heart he’d ever seen.


1 of 4 unrelated Hobbit movie 100 word drabbles.

A/N: Wow, can’t believe I’m writing Tolkien fic again. But the movie was so awesome I couldn’t resist. =)

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