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This Diwali, as part of the #ShopQuikr activity, the very awesome BlogAdda in collaboration with Quikr have come up with a great idea – they decided to give away – for free – 5000 rupees worth of shopping to 100 bloggers!

Guess who one of the bloggers was. No, really, guess. Okay, I’ll tell you. Me, me, moi!

So seeing as the one thing my house desperately needs right now is a crockery cabinet, you don’t need me to tell you what I bought. Do you?


Just to give you a better idea of what I was up against, I’d been arranging placing all my crockery items – plates and lovely wine glasses and bowls and bits and bobs – all on the huge, ugly, wooden trunks they were packed in when I made the move to Gurgaon. Like so:


Ugh. In dire need of some classy cabinet-age, isn’t it? Only a 100 bloggers got the chance to do some free shopping on Quikr, though, so I was understandably pleased to get the email from Blog Adda letting me know that I was one of the chosen few. The only thing that would have made it more awesome would have been Laurence Fishburne coming up to me in my office and telling me, ‘You’re the Chosen One,’ which would actually have been beyond awesome – seriously, Blog Adda, you need start adding Matrix macros to your emails. Once I’d opened the email, woo-hooed for joy, done a little victory jig and finally calmed down enough to sit down at my computer again, I read through the process we were expected to follow.

It seemed pretty simple – log onto the site, buy something, and blog about it. I could do that! The experience was easier for me because I had a clear idea of what I wanted, instead of browsing the site aimlessly looking for something to spend money on.

The entire experience of shopping was pretty quick and painless, which, truly, is the best kind of shopping. (Just ask any of the men you see sitting outside the trial rooms in the women’s clothing sections of malls.)

All I had to do was log onto the website. I took this chance to register an account for myself.


Then all I did was choose my city from the dropdown menu – Gurgaon:


After that, the sidebar on the right has a series of categories that are most popular on the site. I chose the ‘Home Furniture’ category, because of course, no one uses crockery cabinets in their office. Unless they work in a restaurant.


Then I just ‘drilled down’, as they say, refining my search by choosing ‘cabinets’ from the sidebar on the left. I got pages and pages of results. Clearly, cabinets are a popular category of furniture in India.

Source: http://gurgaon.quikr.com/Cabinets/Home-Office-Furniture/w13222202009?l=Furniture_Type

Alternately, one could also simply type in the item we’re looking for into the search bar.


Simple as that! I got a list of all the results that matched my query.

Source: http://gurgaon.quikr.com/crockery-cabinet-all/crockery-cabinet/x132222?sx=true

When I browsed through the results in the ‘Furniture’ category, I shortlisted a few cabinets that I felt would be good for the house, but really, my heart was set on a cabinet I’d seen deep in the list. Specifically, this one:

Source: http://gurgaon.quikr.com/Display-cabinet-crockery-cabinet-showcase-W0QQAdIdZ179806596

Doesn’t it look too awesome? The best thing is that it’s big enough to hold every single piece of crockery that I have. And that was it. Once I had honed in on the cabinet I wanted, in a matter of five days, I had spoken to the seller, bought and paid for my furniture, and got it delivered to my home. The two light bulbs were included in the sale, and the seller was courteous and seemed as eager to make a quick sale as I was.

The whole thing really was as easy as Quikr’s television advertisements proclaim – and when was the last time someone could make that claim with any kind of veracity?

Here it is, in all its (empty) glory:


And here’s what it looks like with all my (considerable) crockery inside it. Honestly, it wasn’t until I started dusting each piece individually prior to placing each cup, plate, glass and bowl inside the cabinet that I realised how many different kinds and shapes of crockery items I own!


And another angle, because who doesn’t like looking at lovely crockery catching the light just right? Honestly, half the beauty of owning these items comes from having an aesthetically pleasing way of displaying delicate glass things under perfect lighting. (In my case, just right is the movie kind of way, where the light glints off a shiny surface with an almost audible ‘ting!’)


I’m ecstatic with my new purchase, mostly over how easy the whole thing was. The only reason it wasn’t all done and dusted in a day was because my seller had to get in touch with her tenants (who work in shifts) in order to let me look at the cabinet. Otherwise, I’m sure I would have had my cabinet in my house the same day I saw it on the internet, like one of those strange futuristic sci-fi shows where things come through a very real 3D television and into your home.

Will I be shopping at Quikr again? Most definitely.


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