Ring For Jeeves : Review


Rating: 4*

One line review: A wonderfully light, funny read where everything ends happily for everyone.

The book

is about Bill Belfry, Ninth Earl of Towster, who, after WW II and the social revolution that follows, is in dire economic straits and needs money so he can marry his fiancee, Jill Wyvern. Since Bertie Wooster is in a school that teaches gentlemen to fend for themselves (in case the social revolution intensifies), Jeeves takes up employment at Towster Abbey.  Bill works as a bookie (Honest Patch Perkins!) with Jeeves accompanying him, in a matching false mustache, of course. When Bill loses a large bet against Captain Biggar, he can’t pay up, and has no choice but to abscond. Things take a turn for the worse when Captain Biggar turns up at Towster Abbey, along with Mrs. Spotsworth, a woman Bill had been hoping would buy his house – only she’s an ex-girlfriend of his, and Jill isn’t too happy…

My  Thoughts, Let Me Show You Them

Another delightful book from Wodehouse, this doesn’t disappoint. The plot is as light and funny as ever, and though disaster threatens, it’s never too serious and it all works itself out in the end. It was nice to see Jeeves without Bertie, I must confess I liked the third person POV compared to reading everything as narrated by Bertie.

For anyone reading the RandomHouse India version of the book and wondering why I’ve written Towster instead of Rowster, apparently, the UK version changed Towster to Rowster, and Sir Roderick’s employer from Harrod’s to Harridge’s. I first read the book when I borrowed it from a cousin, and he had the US version, so I was too used to Towster – pronounced Toaster – for me to let it go.

That is all.

Why You Should Read This Book

Wodehouse is one of the best authors to read – anywhere. His books are perfect to pick up in the middle of a commute, on a weekend, when you’re supposed to be studying or working, to kill time when you’re waiting at the dentist or what have you – anywhere. His books always make you feel happy, and if they don’t make you laugh out loud, at least they’re guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


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