TV Thoughts and Movie Reviews

I watch a lot of TV.  And I love movies.

Occasionally, I write about them.

Here you’ll find thoughts on Kdrama, screencaps of TV shows, and recommendations for Bollywood fanfic, and one line reviews of the odd movie.

If you want me to review your movie/TV show, please read the review policy first, and then drop me a line here.

Review: Ragini MMS 2

The movie is a sequel to 'Ragini MMS', a horror film from a few years ago, currently holding a ranking ...
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Thoughts on Writing: Bollywood Antiheroes

I'm Still Alive Although it feels like trying to do Nano this year is going to kill me. Or leave ...
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Guilty Pleasures – The Dirty Picture and Lovelace

This article reminds me why I didn't like 'The Dirty Picture'.  Particularly the headline: The new biopic of 'pioneering' porn ...
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Talaash review

Talaash: Review

- One line review: A disappointing neo-noir film. More style than substance. - Rating: 2.5* - Running time : 139 ...
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