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Book reviews
Book reviews by SS Kuruganti – full of random observations, squee, some snark, and fanfic recommendations. Enjoy!

If you want me to review your book/product, please read the review policy first, and then drop me a line here.

There are many books yet to be reviewed, you can find a rating for them below. If you want a more informal sort of review before buying any one of these books (i.e, whether I’d recommend any of them) you can comment and I’ll be glad to answer.

[Rated from 5* to 1*]

The Scarlet Chair—2.5* Blood+ —3.75* Guards! Guards!—3.5*
Eternal Sabbath—3* Onani Master Kurosawa—3* Making Money—4*
Mars/The Legend of Mars—4.5* Heptagon—3* The Gemini Contenders-2.5*
The Taking—2.5* Cm0—3.5* December Boys-2*
Strange Highways—3* Feet of Clay—3.5* The Naked Sun-2.75*
Tokyo Crazy Paradise—3* Mekakushi no Kuni—4* Buy Jupiter and Other Stories-3.5*
Night of the Beasts—3.5* Inuyasha—4* The Eyes of Heisenberg-2*
Hana no Namae—3* Akuma De Sourou—3.75* The Motorcycle Diaries-2.75*
Seishun Survival—2.75* Basara—4.75* Next-2.5*
WA! —3* Can’t Lose You—3* It—3*
Memory Eaters—2.75* You’re So Cool—3* Cold Fire—2.5*
Anatolia Story—2.75* 100% Perfect Girl—4* The Door to December—2.75*
Barairo, My Honey—3* Thud!—4.5* Tick Tock—3.75*
Gekka no Kimi—3* Kanata Kara—4.75* The Face of Fear—2*
Hideaway—2* Dreamcatcher—2.5* The Alchemist–3*
Firestarter—2* From a Buick 8—2.5* The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents–3*
Nightmares and Dreamscapes—2* Going Postal-4* Small Gods–4*
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon—2* To Kill a Mockingbird–4* Life Expectancy–2*
The Uncanny–4* The Fifth Elephant–2.5* The Bourne Legacy–4*


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