I am an opininated person. I say this freely. I have thoughts on pretty much every kind of media and product I consume. If you want me to review your book/product, please read the review policy first, and then drop me a line here.


Reviews for Random House India by SS Kuruganti

Reviews for Random House India
I really love books. I mean really. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I was asked if I was interested in reviewing books for Random House India. Someone sending me new books for FREE – and asking me my opinion of them? The only reason I waited a few minutes before replying to the mail was because I was doing a victory dance around my room. Here you’ll find my reviews for the books I’ve been sent by them.



SS Kuruganti's Book Reviews

Manga and Book Reviews
My reviews for manga and books that I’ve read. I read a lot of manga, and a lot of books. These are my sometimes rambling reviews, full of random observations, squee, some snark, and fanfiction recommendations. Now with star ratings!




Anime Reviews by SS Kuruganti

Anime Reviews
I’ve always loved anime, right from the very first one I ever saw – Fushigi Yuugi, if you’re curious. Yes, I loved even that, despite the nonsensical, draggy plot and the meme-worthy ‘Tamahome!’ ‘Miaka! repetitions. Here, you can find my reviews and thoughts on the shows and OVAs I’ve seen, with screencaps and fanfic recommendations. And star ratings!

Reviews of TV Shows and Movies by SS Kuruganti



Reviews of TV Shows and Movies
I watch a lot of TV, as my friends can attest. I also have a ton of Kdrama that I am yet to watch. Here you’ll find my thoughts on Kdrama, screencaps of TV shows, and recommendations for Bollywood fanfic, and one line reviews of the odd movie.




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  1. Naresh

    I stumbled across your blog and really enjoyed your reviews. I am a publisher (2 novels published) in search of identity and would feel privileged to get reviewed by you.
    I will be happy to send a copy to you (soft copy or hard copy. Whichever you feel convenient enough). Let me know if you are interested.
    I’d love to hear back from you. You may contact me at

    Best Regards,

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  3. Pingback: Clouds in my Coffee •• Welcome!

  4. Hello! I’m a twelve year old blogger and I found your blog when I googled Baahubali fanfic. I really love it! I’m halfway through your Mirchi plot.

    I’m a fanficcer too- It would be great if you could read my blog:

    Thank you!

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