La Corda D’Oro – Primo Passo: Review

La Corda D'Oro: Primo Passo

La Corda D’Oro: Primo Passo

-In India: on Animax
-Originally a RPG game (Role playing Game) where the user could play as a girl taking part in a music competition. Her choices during the game resulted in her ending up with one of five male characters in the game. The game was so popular that it was adapted into an anime.
-Followed by (in the sense that the anime inspired the manga, and not in the sense of sequels) a manga, licensed in English. Anime also licensed and dubbed in English.
26 episodes in total.
-Rating: 2.75*

As always, highlight to read spoilers, and all fanfic recommendations are based purely on my own shipping preferences. Feel free to add anything I may have missed.

La Corda D'Oro

Hino Kahoko studies in the prestigious Seiso Academy, which offers education in two streams – general and music. The students learning music are considered – both by themselves and others – as something of an elite breed, and tend to look down on the ‘general’ students.

Competitions among them (called concours) are held every five years, and it is when a new concours is being announced that Kahoko comes across a fairy calling himself Lili.

La Corda D'Oro
He does look kinda cute. =)

Due to the simple fact that she can see him, Lili gives Kahoko a magical violin and a spot in the concours – as one of the first ‘General’ students to become a participant in years.

As Kahoko begins to come to grips with things, she discovers a love for music. Her interactions with the other participants – five very cute bishies, heh, and another girl – and her determination to become better at the violin forms the rest of the story.


My thoughts, let me show you them

So. Bishies and classical music. What’s not to love? :P

And bishies they certainly ARE.

The main theme of the anime is romance, as is pretty evident, so I was ready with my ship by the end of the first episode. To be fair, the anime isn’t heavily slanted toward any one particular relationship, it’s very pairing neutral, keeping to its RPG origins very well.

All five of the male participants, of course, are utterly head over heels in love with/crushing on/inordinately fond of Kahoko, who remains oblivious to it all. Her cluelessness did make me roll my eyes a little, but then I told myself it was only to be expected in an anime of this sort and got over it.

The music helped, of course. Now, I’m no expert, but it all sounded very nice and soothing, and I quite enjoyed the soundtrack – both the classical music, as well as the opening and ending themes.

OP: Brand New Breeze by Kanon
ED: Crescendo by the Stella Quintet

Of course, the bishies were one of the main attractions of this series at least for me so let’s have a quick round up.

La Corda D'Oro
And, here they are, from top to bottom, left to right: Hihara Kazuki, Azuma Yunoki, Tsukimori Len, Keiji Shimizu and Ryoutaro Tschuira.

Why You Should Watch It

If you’re into music and teen romance, this is for you. If you’re into just romance and music, though, Nodame Cantabile just knocks this one right out of running with its mix of romance, drama, humor, and of course, music.

On the plus side, though: Tsukimori Len. There’s just something about bishies who are Coconuts (y’know, hard on the outside but really a big softie at heart) that just gets to me. Must be the Darcy Bias.

So, introducing Tsukimori Len!

La Corda D'Oro
Exhibit: A

Exhibit: B

Plus, it’s fun watching Len and Kahoko slowly stumble toward each other – at least, as I (and the mangaka) apparently seem to interpret it.

Image from

Fanfic Recs

Now, I’m a mighty Len/Kahoko shipper, so be warned, a lot of my recs are going to reflect that.

Green by Femmecat
Rating: PG, No pairing.

Cute, and kinda funny. =)

Mother Knows Best by Erythros
Ship: Len/Kahoko, Rating: G, Word count: 512, Complete
summary: Perhaps, she was the melody to his music. A drabble told from the POV of Len’s mother whose name escapes me now. Read and be fluffy. :D

After Concert by Erythros
Ship: Len/Kahoko, Rating: G, Complete
Summary: There was something in the way he played tonight.

A short, sweet, post-series ficlet.

Untitled by Decidely Odd
Ship: Len/Kahoko, Rating: PG-13, 50 sentences, Complete
A/N: Some sentences stand alone, but most work together to tell something vaguely story-ish. The theme-set occurs within the same post-anime universe and are chronologically arranged.


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