Review Policy

I’m open to reviewing books, movies, apps, gadgets, and lifestyle products. If you’re looking for a review, please read this page first.

What kind of products do you accept for review?

Books:  I read a variety of books but would prefer YA, fantasy, romance, horror, sci-fi, and paranormal genres. I also read manga/graphic novels. I accept self-published authors, as well as books from publishing houses.

You can see my reviews here.

Lifestyle Products: I’m open to reviewing products like cosmetics and grooming products (make-up, shampoos, lotions, etc.), cooking and baking supplies (baking dishes, glassware, cooking oils, processed foods, etc.), and gadgets (laptops, tablets, smartphones, kitchen appliances, hair straighteners, etc.) You can see some of my reviews here.

Apps and websites: I can review the use of Android apps ONLY on both smartphones and tablets. I can also review websites or web apps.

What kinds of book format do you accept?

I will only accept paperbacks or e-books (Kindle format)  for review.

What WON’T you accept?

I won’t read self help books, autobiographies, biographies, memoirs, and historical fiction. I also cannot review iPhone apps and male grooming products. If you’re not sure if your product comes under these categories, feel free to contact me.

What if you don’t like my product?

I can’t guarantee a positive review. In the same vein, I cannot give a false review. In cases where I did not enjoy a product as much as I thought I would, I will be objective and impartial so that readers can draw their own conclusions.

Where will your review be posted?

All reviews will be posted on my blog, my Facebook page, my Twitter account, Amazon, and Goodreads, if applicable.

When will your review be posted?

The review will be up on my blog within two weeks of my receiving the product. If you prefer a different time frame, we can work out a specific date to have the review posted to coincide with the book’s release/product launch/etc.

What do you do other than reviews?

I’m open to hosting guest blogs, author spotlights, and giveaways.

How do I submit a request for a review?

I appreciate your taking the time to check out my blog! You can contact me here or by emailing me at ssk [at] coffee-clouds [dot] com.


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