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book review Lucifer's Lungi

Lucifer’s Lungi

is the story of Nitin Sawant, software entrepreneur based in Chennai, and his weekly jaunts into the countryside of Tamil Nadu. The book is the tale of one such weekend adventure, when he feels he has come in contact with the supernatural – a Lucifer like village demon called Luganar, who steals away anyone caught outside after dark, leaving behind only their lungis.

My Thoughts, Let Me Show You Them

At 100 pages, the book is a slim one, more an anecdote than a short story. The writing style is breezy and conversational, and so it zips by as a fast read, almost too fast to make much of an impression. After a while, the breezy, ‘I’m-smarter-and-wittier-than-you’ tone comes across only as trying too hard.

I liked the chapter titles, most of them being names of famous songs – it’s nice to be reminded of good music in the middle of reading. As for the plot itself, it reminded me of the movies and books set in little villages, each with their own legends. In the opening to the book (the ‘pologue’, which should tell you something about the kind of book it is) the author states that he preferred to go to the less tourist-y places.

Perhaps it all felt so familiar to me because it was a South Indian village and everything the author describes were things I’ve experienced first hand – like the temple, the greenery, the quiet pace of life in a little village – or the time when the author describes a simple meal on a banana leaf with the village priest and his grandson, I could almost see it.

The copy editing does leave a little to be desired, though, there were a few grammar and spelling mistakes still left in the book.

The ending was predictable enough, although I find that as a staunch atheist, it was impossible for me to imagine anything other than a prosaic explanation for the supernatural events in the story, which led to me guess the nature of the ending of the book.

Why You Should Read It

At only a 100 pages, if you have an hour or two on your hands and are in the mood for a light, fast, somewhat amusing novel, this is your pick.
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