Paradise Kiss

Paradise Kiss

Paradise Kiss

Paradise Kiss

-In India: on Animax
-Originally a manga, adapted into an anime in
-12 episodes in total.
-Rating: 3*

Hayasaka Yukari is a high school student studying for university entrance exams who is unhappy with the way her life is shaping up. A chance encounter with a designer, Koizumi George, changes everything when he and the rest of ‘Paradise Kiss’, the brand run by George and his classmates – Sakurada Miwako, Nagase Arashi and Isabella née Yamamoto Daisuke – convince Yukari to become their model.

As ‘Caroline’ – the name given to her by Miwako – Yukari decides to become a model, and the show follows Yukari and George at their attempt to showcase ParaKiss at a competition, while dealing with their messy relationships with family and friends.

OP: Lonely in Gorgeous by Tommy february6
ED: Do you Want to by Franz Ferdinand


My thoughts, let me show you them

The show is one of those bittersweet josei ones (along the lines of Honey and Clover) with messy relationships and no easy answers to any of the important questions. I did like George/Yukari, so I was disappointed with the ending – not surprised, but saddened – and it actually made me tear up a little.

Don’t they look good together?
One thing I really liked was Isabella, a transgender woman with the most amazing make up and clothes.

Check out the awesome eye make up she has here! I would totally go out like that everyday if I was brave enough.

One of the things that kind of annoyed me with this series was the comedy bits, where everyone suddenly goes super deformed – it definitely jarred on me.

The simian looking individual is actually George. :/
And of course, I am really excited to hear about the live action adaptation – with an original ending written purely for the movie, so I have hope for a happy George/Yukari ending, yay!

Poster and trailer here.


Why You Should Watch It

For the gorgeous, gorgeous clothes. And the slick artwork.


The OP and ED themes were also really nice – I especially liked the ED animation.


Fanfic Recs

Never Was and Never Will Be by Grasshopper
Rated: PG-13, Spoilers: Various for the entire series
Pairings: Koizumi George x Hayasaka Yukari, some Tokumori Hiroyuki x Hayasaka Yukari, Tokumori Hiroyuki x Sakurada Miwako
Summary: In which there are five futures that George and Yukari never lived.

All the Difference by Grasshopper
Rated: PG, Spoilers: Various through the series, but mainly the end
Summary: Two roads diverged in a yellow wood…

Duty by Grasshopper
Rated: PG-13, Spoilers: Up through the end of the series.
Summary: Friends don’t let friends get married without just cause.


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[music| Iktata: Kavita Seth and Amitabh Bhattacharya – ‘Wake Up Sid’ OST]

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6 Comment

  1. Anonymous says: Reply

    Stupid Grl, Stupid Grl,
    Why do you watch anime?
    Stupid Grl, Stupid Grl,
    It is just a waste of your time

    Nobody comments when you blog on them
    Nobody likes them apart from you
    Stupid Grl, Stupid Grl,
    Why do u watch Anime?

  2. SSK says: Reply

    I suggest you do not take up poetry as an occupation. Or a hobby. :P

    Nobody comments when you blog on them

    As opposed to all the hundreds of comments I've gotten on all my food related posts, eh? [/sarcasm]

    As for anime and its popularity: Statistics show that not only is anime at a new height of popularity in the United States, but in Japan, as well.

    And I still think you should try watching some anime before you dismiss it out of hand.

  3. braazy corleone says: Reply

    the pics look cute re… I might like anime… but not romantic ones but maybe something that makes sense ( like physics :P )… any suggestions..??

  4. Anonymous says: Reply

    Bad poetry

    There's a lot of it.

    One reason: it's easy to become a poet. Easy to announce you're a poet, easy to get a pencil and a paper, easy to publish your work online.

    There's a lot of bad tweeting, bad marketing, bad facebooking, bad emailing and bad music now as well. No barrier certainly leads to a lack of selectivity.

    Surprisingly, though, amid the bad art, we actually find more good art. A barrier to entry isn't the only thing that improves quality. Sometimes it's sufficient to let artists do their work without a gatekeeper.

  5. SSK says: Reply

    @Borat: Yes, I doubt you'd be interested in the romantic ones, either. But check out Hellsing Ultimate and Fullmetal Alchemist from my page – I think you'll like them.

    I'll come back with more recommendations – I'm sure there's some more I'm forgetting.

  6. SSK says: Reply

    A barrier to entry isn't the only thing that improves quality. Sometimes it's sufficient to let artists do their work without a gatekeeper.

    Agreed. I've been reading (and writing) fanfic long enough to know that the ease of being published online produces both gems and badfic of the horrendous, 'it-burns-our-eyes-Precious!' quality.

    Although I've usually found that putting in a requirement for a beta reader deters misspelled, anti-grammatical fanfic, I don't think anybody should be barred on the basis of content – which is, after all, subjective. I do think errors like netspeak and interchanging homonyms like 'heal' and 'heel' should be corrected, though, before fic can be published.

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