Return of the Random Post, part whatever

[mood| I wish I had a blanket, my fingers are freezing! D:]
[music| Human Nature: Michael Jackson (love this song!)]


So I’m just a little fascinated by ‘outsider’ perspectives on some purely Indian things, one of which is Bollywood and regional cinema. To that end, I’ve been lurking for a while on some truly excellent review blogs.

It’s fun to see how non-Indians tackle Indian films – some like Andaz Apna Apna as much as I do, which is a surprise; humour is one of the things that usually doesn’t translate well – and they squee over Dharmendra in Chupke Chupke or Siddarth in Nuvvastannante Nennoddantana. ♥

It’s always nice to know language and culture are no barrier, and it’s even better when others share your glee over hot/cute/great actors. :P

But there are some things that are ‘mind boogling’, as a memorable fanfic summary once said – like the strange fact that most of these people seem to actually like ‘Jhoom Baraabar Jhoom’.

But what I really like is the fact that while reading, I occasionally find some amusing-as-all-hell gems, like this particular line from a review of a documentary on Helen:

Whoever wrote these words – James Ivory, according to imdb, which breaks my heart to believe – deserves the most ironic masala punishment possible (being forced to watch Dharam Veer for 1,000 consecutive hours while Amitabh hits them over the head with the crocodile from ‘Shaan’?).



So apparently I only have crazy conversations with Amul, regardless of time, place, or medium:

AG: pleasssssseeee
pretty pleaseeee
me: :P
you naaa
AG: hau me only
i promise no one has usurped my id yet


I put this down in writing because if I happen to expire during the course of the day, it must be known whose damned fault it was.

‘Tis a conspiracy, I tell you.

The office admin guys have colluded with HR to downsize the company by getting rid of employees. It’s a kind of Darwinian test, with the intention of having only the fittest survivalists left on the office rosters. With the air conditioner being their weapon of choice.

The a/c is directly above my desk, and is on full blast – the object being to cause both me and my colleague to freeze. And die horribly.

But haha, little do they know, I’m determined to hopefully survive today, and foil their plans by wearing gloves and a sweater to the office tomorrow.


  1. Beth

    Thanks for the love! :) Surely cinema will be one of the things that saves us all – how can people NOT get along if they would just sit down with the popcorn and watch Shaan together?

    – Beth

  2. SSK

    Thanks for the love!

    You're very welcome! (Heh. Feels strange to be talking to you, after having lurked for so long. :P)

    I was actually thinking of you the other day – in a non-creepy way, of course :P – I was watching 'I Hate Luv Storys' and thought I'd love to see your take on it… =)

    I think you'd like it!

  3. Beth

    No creepy! This is how internet goodness happens :) I haven't had the chance to see I Hate Luv Storys but I am very intrigued – opinions from my friends have ranged all over the place!

  4. SSK

    This is how internet goodness happens :)

    I'm glad you think so. :P

    I am very intrigued – opinions from my friends have ranged all over the place!

    Well, I went with friends, and we didn't take the movie too seriously, which is probably why we enjoyed it.

    It did have a few great moments, and lots of funny lines. A good way to kill an afternoon!

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