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Wherein SS Kuruganti Blogs About Vegetarian Recipes She Has Tried, Tested, And/Or Modified

This page is my round up of dishes you can use for your main course, both Continental and Indian. Mostly featuring dishes like vegetarian sizzlers (pictured above), pastas, quiches, and the occasional dosa.

You can see I’m more of a Continental sort of person, mostly because until recently, I felt there wasn’t much point to blogging about Indian dishes that everyone would be making at home, anyway.

Since I’ve recently been convinced this wasn’t the case, more to follow, soon!

The images in each post were taken by me (a complete amateur), and the recipes were all adapted from what I found off the internet. Where I’ve used the recipe as is, I have linked to the original.

If I’ve used your recipe without crediting, feel free to drop a comment and let me know, and I shall correct it as soon as I can.

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Vegetable Chop Suey

I’ve always had a fondness for Chinese food – not the Indianised version available at street corners on little food carts, but the Indianised version available at restaurants. I remember the first time I had Vegetable Chop suey was when I was about eight or so, in The Modern High School; Dubai, which was a […]Show me more…

Oliva Chifferi Rigati

Oliva pomodoro chifferi rigati – a light, fresh elbow pasta with olives, tomatoes and mixed vegetables. This is a very simple pasta recipe for those days when you feel like having something tasty but don’t want to work too hard for it. I threw this together last night when a friend unexpectedly dropped in for […]Show me more…

Vegetarian Noodle Sizzler

A Vegetarian sizzler with hakka noodles. This would be a meal for one, not a snack. Delicious and very filling. There’s a restaurant called 100 degrees in Hyderabad, which was where I used to indulge in a wonderful vegetarian sizzler from time to time. You’d get a choice of rice or noodles (though I pretty […]Show me more…

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