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So I really love books. I mean really. And I am an opinionated person.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I was asked if I was interested in reviewing books for Random House India. Someone sending me new books for FREE – and asking me my opinion of them? The only reason I waited a few minutes before replying to the mail was because I was doing a victory dance around my room.

So here follow the reviews for the books I’ve been sent by Random House India.

If you want me to review your book/product, please read the review policy first, and then drop me a line here.

Merry Christmas Alex Cross

Merry Christmas, Alex Cross: Review

Rating: 2* One line review: Another muddling novel featuring the reappearance of The Family, the Islamic terrorist group out to attack USA ...
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Kill Alex Cross review

Kill Alex Cross: Review

Rating: 2* One line review: A boring book that splits our focus between two sub plots - and I could only care about  one of them ...
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Ring for Jeeves review

Ring For Jeeves : Review

Rating: 4* One line review: A wonderfully light, funny read where everything ends happily for everyone ...
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Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit review

Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit: Review

Rating: 3.5* One line review: A comedy of errors with a happy ending. Read for the fun! ...
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