Surprise inside Race car cake

Race car cake surprise inside cake

I made this for my car crazy nephew who turned four recently. He also loves Cadbury’s Gems, and Cadbury’s Shots, so I decided to combine his love for the two into a Race car cake – with a surprise inside!

I used my DIY fondant to make the green grass, the road, and the cars. The chequered flags and the numbers on the car are little bits of paper I made by hand.

Race car surprise inside cake

The end result was meant to look like a hilly, curvy road where the two cars were chasing each other. I think it turned out well!

Race car cake surprise inside

Race car surprise inside cake

I started out by making a plain 8″ wide vanilla cake. I chose to create a dome in my cake, since it was meant to represent the ‘hill’. Once the cake was cooled, I cut it into two layers.

Then I covered the bottom layer with a filling of fresh cream with icing sugar, and sprinkled loads and loads of cherries in the cream. I placed the top layer onto it, and then cut out a piece for the little hollow inside the cake where the Gems and Shots (or M ‘n’ Ms, for my international readers) where meant to go.

To cut out the top of my cake and make my little hollow, I used a steel drinking glass that was about the correct size. I pressed down gently onto the top of my cake with the glass to make an impression. I then cut out the top layer of cake with my bread knife.

I trimmed off the very top of the bit you cut out so that I could frost the cake with fondant.  I had a little circular disc of cake maybe about one sixth of an inch in thickness. I then filled the hollow with Cadbury’s Gems and Shots, and then replaced the very top of the first layer of cake. I was quite a task squeezing the top onto all the Gems and Shots!

I coloured my DIY fondant into green for the grassy hill, a bit of black for the road and the tyres of my race cars, red and yellow for the cars themselves, and then lots of white for the embellishments on my race cars.

The race cars themselves are very simple – just two little triangular shapes in yellow and red, with four discs in black fondant stuck on the sides as wheels, and a horizontal bar on the back. I also added a little oval of white to represent the driver’s number – 4, in both cases, for the birthday boy.

To complete it all off, I cut out little pieces of paper and made them into chequered flags with a black pen, taping them onto toothpicks to create two flags.

And then I was all done!

Race car cake-2

I’m really pleased with how this turned out – as was the birthday boy! =)

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