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[Janardhan “Jordan” Jakhar, Rockstar, mid movie]

JJ knows he has feelings for Heer—how could he not? But he also knows she’s engaged, and she thinks of him as a friend.

Their friendship was bizzare to begin with—him, JJ, hanging out with the queen of St. Stephens? It sounded like a joke.

But they fit together so well that it saddens him a little, that they never met before, that all they’ll have together is this short little time before her wedding.

He’s naïve enough to think his innocent, hopeless crush on her will bring some depth to his music.


Part II     Part III     Part IV

A/N: Based on the song ‘Nuuvena naa  Nuuvena‘  from Anand. It’s basically a song about the wonders of (first) love.

I guess you can see I’m on a Bollywood fanfiction streak. It’s nice, for a change. =)

So I cheated a little bit with these drabbles, I didn’t skip the songs, but I rearranged them to give them some kind of order.

Part of Blogathon 2013.

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