DIY: Bathroom Revamp on a Budget

I’ve been wanting to redo the smallest bathroom in my house for a while now, mostly as a way to pass the time and also because, the way it is right now, the bathroom looks sucky.

This is what it looked like before. White walls, (mostly) white tiles, and white sanitary ware does not make for a cheerful bathroom. Time for a change!

budget bathroom revamp

So I decided to give the walls a coat of paint, which seemed the easiest way to completely change the look of the room. Plus, being the cheap thrifty and lazy person that I am, I didn’t want to spend too much on it, and paint is the cheapest way to brighten up the room when you need to do a bathroom revamp on a budget.

I chose a lovely peach colour and just went all freestyle on the walls. It took me two days, a cramped up forearm and a little spilled paint to turn it into THIS:

DIY Bathroom revamp on a budget

Doesn’t this look SO much better?

Here’s how I did it.

How to revamp your bathroom on the cheap


I started my little DIY budget bathroom revamp by deciding on a design. I first did the design free hand with a piece of chalk the same colour as the paint and then filled in the background with distemper paint.

budget bathroom revamp DIY

You can see the chalk in the middle of the white wall, where I felt that the line was too small and changed the design as I was painting.

Next, I took down the shower curtain, put aside all the toiletries in the bathroom, got myself a ladder (pictured below) and went to town.

DIY Bathroom revamp on a budget
All it cost me was one packet of distemper paint (around INR 50), one paint brush (around INR 30) – and that’s it.

I mixed the distemper concentrate with water, and started painting from the ceiling down, to minimise drips.

Given that I spent the better part of two days in the bathroom, hauling distemper around in a bucket, climbing up and down a ladder, reaching up to ceilings with paint dripping down my elbow – I needed another way of keeping my bucket close to me.

There was no way I would – or could – consider placing the bucket on the floor, dipping in my paintbrush, climbing the ladder, painting a bit, climbing down the ladder, dipping my brush, climbing up and then down again and repeat and rinse until I went slowly insane and screamed my head off.


So. There was need for an alternative.

Luckily, with the rod for the shower curtain right there, I lit upon a better way of doing things. Yes, those are the shower curtain rings I am using to hold my paint bucket.

Innovative way to hang a bucket when painting bathroom walls


Here’s the result.

I’ll admit to a very Lord of the Rings feel to the look of the entire thing – lots of arches over doorways and curved trees with white, round petals fluttering to the floor. I didn’t expect it, nor did I draw it consciously, but once done, it looks right to me.

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And now for the finishing touches: with some décor elements added to lift the look of the bathroom.

Some artificial flowers in a matching colour to frame the mirror…

Bathroom revamp on a budget DIY

…toiletries like hand soap in a matching colour (it was what gave me the idea to choose peach, actually)…

DIY budget bathroom revamp

…some scented candles and paintings on the wall…

Bathroom revamp on a budget

…a nice set of fluffy towels in complementary colours tied with a curtain tie…

Budget Bathroom revamp DIY

A close up of the towel arrangement…

DIY bathroom revamp

Et voila!

DIY Bathroom revamp on a budget

I think it looks good!

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    • Haha, thank you! Even I was surprised how much difference just a coat of paint made – the whole room looks bright and cheery and NEW – not like the depressing, hospital bathroom type it used to look like because of the white tiles, white walls, white everything. Obviously I couldn’t change the tiles myself, so I thought I’d try out just the paint – and I’m so glad it worked like a charm! =)

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