Perigreen Safe Foods: Product Review

‘Safe’ foods has been something that have grown in importance over the past few years, with more and more people looking for organic and pesticide free foods.

Who wants to eat yucky (and often harmful) pesticides and chemicals on their food? I can speak from personal experience that when it comes to fruit, half the time I avoid eating them only because I feel too lazy to scrub them clean of the visibly thick layer of chemicals formed on them. This is especially visible on apples and grapes as a white scum. (Ew.) Despite what Hema Malini says about the Kent fruit and vegetable ‘purifier’, I’m not too sure of its effectiveness, and would prefer to eat food that was actually chemical free.

Now if I really wanted to eat chemical free foods, I’d probably have to rob a bank before I could afford to eat organic foods every day. Luckily for me, there is someone looking to provide healthy, chemical free foods at affordable prices.

So to this end, it was nice to test out the chemical free turmeric powder I’d been offered by Perigreen Safe Foods.


They’re a new entrant into the safe food space, being a start up of the Perigreen Group of companies. They offer a range of safe foods, (from turmeric, rock salt, mineral sugar, multi-grain atta, to chilli powder) priced at par with regular food items, as opposed to most organic foods.


Perigreen Safe Foods’s advantage lies in the partnership it has built with farmers. They work with over 3000 farmers from 6 states and encourage them to reduce the usage of chemicals.


Safe Food provides technical assistance to farmers in dry areas, and buys chemical free produce at better prices than those offered by the market. By focusing on natural fertilizers, Safe Foods also encourages farmers to save cattle.


So all this is nice and good, but how was the actual product?


To be honest, I used the turmeric as a face pack instead of as food additive. The difference from the turmeric that is available commercially is evident – the Safe Foods turmeric is a dull yellowish-brown, while the latter is the bright yellow that we’re used to seeing.

The Safe Foods turmeric is also ground softer, and tingled when I applied it to my face. Perhaps it was only a psychological effect, but I did feel that my face felt scrubbed cleaner than usual.

I’m yet to try Safe Food’s mineral sugar (like brown sugar, but with the added health benefit of iron, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium), so keep a lookout for that review.

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