DIY: Potpourri

I’ve always loved potpourri, and I enjoy how it fills the room with a lovely aroma. I’ve just never enjoyed how the quality stuff costs an arm and a leg. So when I collected a bunch of pine cones on my So when I collected a bunch of pine cones …

Surprise inside Race car cake

I made this for my car crazy nephew who turned four recently. He also loves Cadbury’s Gems, and Cadbury’s Shots, so I decided to combine his love for the two into a Race car cake – with a surprise inside!

The Bestseller She Wrote: Review

The Book  Shreya Kaushik is a student at the Indian Institute of Management, who wants to follow the trajectory of its most famous alum – Aditya Kapoor, the ‘Paperback King’ of India, a massively successful writer of pulp books that have been made into films. When Aditya comes to his alma …

Wooden cabinet upcycle: DIY part 2

Continuing on from where I left off – here’s part two of my picture tutorial on how I upcycled my old wooden trunk into a vibrant, fun, kitschy version of itself. So the last time, I was done with the yellow coat of paint on my trunk.

Wood cabinet upcycle: DIY

When I moved from Assam to Gurgaon, some of my luggage came in wooden trunks. These trunks were originally packing containers, so it was a no-brainer to recycle them and put them to the same purpose, using them haul my stuff from one side of the country to the other. Once …