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I promised myself I wouldn’t blog until I was done with the first draft of my book – the one that incorporates the first round of editors’ notes. And finally, finally, I’m done, but it was not without some struggle – which is a story for another day.

SS Kuruganti now on Twitter

So around a week ago, my publisher, Naheed Hassan, wanted to know how the writing was going. Since I couldn’t quite tell her I was procrastinating, I ended up telling her I’d be done with the first draft by mid-March. To that, she responded with the ‘next steps’ I’d have to take once I was done actually writing.

Now, I’d kind of always assumed all I’d have to do was write, go over the notes the editors gave me, marvel at the cover design they’d send me, and then announce to the world when the book would be out. And here Naheed was, telling me I still had work to do. Bummer.

I guess we all have that fantasy, don’t we? Of good luck and success fall into our laps with minimum input from our end – of being ‘discovered’ one day, and then having all our dreams come true in a whirlwind of good fortune. Even if you’ve never dreamed of your blog becoming the next Big Thing on cyberspace and landing you a plum publishing contract with a fat advance, you’ve probably dreamed of some film maker or model hunter walking past you on the street, doing a double take, and then plucking you out of obscurity and thrusting you into the limelight because you have the exact makings of a star. Admit it to yourself, why don’t you, even if you can’t admit it to me.

So, back to my favourite topic – me. What what was it, according to my publisher, that I had to do? Put myself out there, so to speak, in the great social media collective. On Twitter, and Goodreads, and Google+, and everywhere else that I had been avoiding because, let’s face it, sometimes Facebook itself was a little overwhelming for me.

I remember asking her, ‘But who the heck would be interested in reading what I have to say on Twitter?  Posting things like “Having pasta for dinner! Yum!” or “Look at the cat video, lol!” just sounds dumb.’ The very thought of it kind of gave me hives.

‘The days of just writing a book, sitting back, and expecting it to become a best seller are gone,’ was her reply.

So that was that.

In that moment, I remembered a conversation I’d had with my good buddy Cal, who was concerned that I wasn’t on FB much – his view of me is a bubbly, happy person who updates everything going on in their lives onto their Facebook Timeline. He didn’t use the word ‘overshare’, but I supplied it, in my own mind. I told him I’d made a conscious decision to move away from my oversharing – precisely because I felt like a vapid teenager posting things no one was interested in reading.

Ah, I can almost hear him laughing at me now. Well, if it helps, I’m laughing at myself, too.

So now I’m on Twitter.

And Goodreads, as well.

My Google+ account is now more active, as well.

Come show me a little love, please. Right now I’m just a clueless noob with no idea what to do.

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  1. Since I'm also waiting for my book be edited, its good to know what to expect from our mutual editor ;) But the thought of joining Twitter is intimidating…I still don't know how to use it! Nevertheless, keep up the book updates…they're a delight to read :)

  2. Don't worry, we can be noobs on Twitter together! We even have a self help group for people like us – the TwitNewbie League. (Although, given that I'm replying to your comment 2 months late, you're probably an expert by now. Damn WordPress and its faulty comment notification system!)

    Thanks for the kind words on the book updates…currently working on the revisions so a little swamped. How's your writing going? =)

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