Not a Love Story

This is not a love story.

In fact, this is not a story at all. The word ‘story’ indicates that this is made up, but really, it’s the truth—my truth.

It started out normally enough – my parents suddenly realised they needed to get me married – I’d been out of college and working for a year. If they delayed any longer, they wouldn’t find a match for me till I became thirty, and then, as everyone knows, I’d end up with some divorcé or widower.

Not to mention that if I wasn’t married soon, my brother wouldn’t be married in time to give my parents grandchildren.

Looking back on it, I can’t recall ever expressing a desire to get married for myself, it was what was expected of me, and I went along with it. Society expects that a family with a daughter would have her married off by her twenties, because only then would the parents have completed their ‘responsibilities’.

If you think about it, society is us, people like my parents and yours, forcing us to do what we don’t really want, because ‘what would the neighbours think?’

Even with me getting married at twenty five, family and friends clucked their tongues at my parents for already being late – ‘she’s already twenty five, you need to hustle if you want grandchildren!’ –  because if you have a ‘good’, dutiful daughter, her only purpose in the world was to marry whoever you picked out and produce children the very next year to show her gratitude.

I sound bitter, and perhaps I am.

After all, I never got my happy ending.

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    First of all it is a sad story n it made me sad so congratulations!!!

    @Entering this for the Love ya Arranged Marriage contest over on, because I would dearly like to try winning a Kindle. Of any sort.
    I m sure they will not able to acknowledge your story

    • Hmm, yes. It was not a thriller story, as such (though it did end in death) this was just a slice of life – that was Iintended to provoke sympathy for the protagonist, so I’m glad I was able to do it. =)

      As for the contest, they did say that it would be judged on creativity and originality, so. Here’s hoping?

  2. Anonymous

    Sad. Would you care to explain why sad?!

    But that does not mean arranged marriages do not work! Hey, I never implied or concluded that. You see, this is just a work of fiction

    But I am glad you found time to read and comment on the post. I appreciate your time and welcome many more inputs. Your concrit is always welcome! =)

    • When I saw this comment, for a second I wondered if I had gone sleep walking last night and logged onto my computer in my sleep – because I couldn’t remember writing anything like this!

      But thanks muchly for coming to my defence. =)

  3. Anonymous

    nice post :) . I am glad you said that but care to expand on nice? I would like to hear more, pretty please! =)

    all the best for the contest! I am glad you found my post worthy of the contest. feels warm inside

    check out this link when you get time :) I will eventually but meanwhile I rather you go through the rest of my entries in this series that I call The Vyathaka Puranas.

    As always, your concrit is most welcome. =)

  4. braazy

    the most interesting line in your story was

    “By the time I got down to her, I could see she was dead. Human necks didn’t bend that way.”

    lol the way you killed her.. simple and easy… :P Human necks didn’t bend that way kathey…!! really…!! :P

    I think you surely stand a chance to win that contest… aaaaal theieaaooo biyaasttti….!! :)

    • After all the elaborate killing, I wanted to keep it short and simple. ;)

      But really, that is one of the things that occurs to me every time I go up or down stairs – just how easy it would be for my foot to slip, and then – that’d be all she wrote!

      aaaaal theieaaooo biyaasttti….!! :)

      I’m glad you liked this. Thaaaaank youuuuu! =)

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