Nioxin Launch Event

Around a week ago, I was asked to attend the Nioxin launch event, organized by BlogAdda at a mall in Delhi.

So what is Nioxin?

It’s an in-salon hair treatment for thinning hair. With more than 25 years experience in the hair therapy industry, Nioxin’s shampoos, conditioners, and hair serums were all developed with the idea of treating the scalp as the most important component of hair growth. (Which it is, really, if you think about it.)

As the trained professionals from the Wella salon explained during the product demonstration, Nioxin is based on a skincare approach to reducing hair-fall.

The launch event

The event kicked off with a slideshow by Nikhil, an internationally trained professional from the Wella salon, where the event was hosted. He took all us bloggers through the Nioxin therapy treatment, which is personalised to cater to every type of scalp and head of hair.

After all, they said, the skin on your scalp is just as sensitive (and prone to getting dirty and clogged by pollution) as the skin on your face.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the Nioxin approach to hair care. As an extension of facial skin, they believe the scalp requires the same attention and care as our faces.

We started off the up close and personal part of the event by getting a close look at my scalp, with some high-tech looking scanner thing. My hair turned out to be fine (surprise, I always thought it was coarse) which dictated the kind of Nioxin therapy system I would need to use.

Now that we knew what my scalp and my hair looked like, my stylist for the day, the lovely Amy, followed it up with a deep hair repair mask treatment – the Derma Renew Therapy, which is like a facial for the scalp. The therapy system is meant to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum to renew scalp skin up to 34% faster than untreated skin.

Nioxin treatment

After letting the hair mask sit in my hair for about ten to fifteen minutes, I got the three step Nioxin treatment for my hair – a shampoo and conditioner, followed by the hair serum.

And a final pic after the hair treatment at the #NioxinNowInIndia launch event. Thanks for the photo, Ankita!

Posted by SS Kuruganti on Monday, June 1, 2015

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