Bragging Rights: Nano 2013 Winner

So the first draft of my novel is done, and I’m finally (after five years of having joined) a NaNo 2013 winner. Joy! Hear the imaginary trumpets blare. Time to exercise my bragging rights.

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So it feels great. And I ended up buying myself a premature Finished-Nano-yay! gift, namely, a pair of beautiful grey, fake leather, fake fur-lined calf length boots. (Gosh, what a sentence.) While I love the boots, I found myself not so enthused with NaNo, now that I’ve finally done it.

I remember telling B that I was planning to do Nano, way back when I’d started work on my other project. I’d tried applying the Nano concept to it, essentially, trying to write a fantasy novel in a month. (Obviously, it did not work, or else you’d have read my smug posts on the matter many months before.)

It wasn’t a wholly futile exercise, I did have a beautifully, wonderfully productive period of fifteen days – before I hit a huge mountain of a Writer’s Block. But while the productive period lasted, it was all good, in fact, it was better than good, it was fantastic.

And that was when B asked me whether it was truly worth it – whether pushing myself to produce around a thousand five hundred words a day didn’t leave me stressed and mechanically pumping out flat, boring words just to meet my daily word count, not caring about crafting beautiful sentences.

That time, it didn’t. When it comes to Nano 2013, I’m not so sure.

I must admit that it was easier to write everyday during Nano because I had a deadline looming over me – I’m notoriously lazy – but sadly, it did nothing for quality. I suspect this is something previous NaNo winners have experienced. While the first draft of the novel is done (yay!), I find that nearly 30-50% of it has to be scrapped in favour of better ideas, or, frankly, better writing.

So begins what shall henceforth be called the Great Revise and Rewrite period. Only time shall tell if it will be a time of peace and happiness, or one of bloody grief and broken keyboards.

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