My WhatTheBlack Experience

A few days back, I signed up for something known as the WhatTheBlack experience on I went into it not knowing what it was all about, which, I guess was the point of the whole thing, to build up mystery and suspense around the launch of a new product.


As part of the experience, shortlisted bloggers would receive 3 never before seen black items in the mail, followed by the actual product. Excitement had already been built up to a great extent, and I was eagerly waiting for the first item to arrive. And then it did.

The mystery was solved soon enough, and I made my record of the entire thing for posterity’s sake while munching on the sweet innards of the black egg.

Day 1 had been ‘sweet’. But it didn’t make much sense to me. What on earth could a black egg have to do with…well, anything? Day 2 dawned with a different newspaper being delivered to my doorstep – the WhatTheBlack Times.

I felt some ‘articles’ in the faking news had been highlighted, so I tried to puzzle out what they had in common.

No answers were forthcoming. Nothing to do but wait for the next clue. Day 3: Another black box.

On opening it, I found an empty black cup, a black tissue paper, and the usual card from BlogAdda + WhatTheBlack.

It didn’t make any sense, until I read the card:

So either my ice cream was forgotten, or it melted on the way home. Either way, sadness. These were the clues I was left with:   clues Day 4 arrived with the answers to WhatTheBlack was going on:

Can you guess the answer, dear reader? If not, here’s a clue, since hindsight is 20-20 and giving clues is easier than actually guessing for oneself.

Give up? Well, here’s the very unexpected answer:

Definitely not what I was expecting.

This was a great way to launch a product, though, with mystery and surprise gifts, leaving us wondering what was going on – and building a great buzz around the product.

Great work, BlogAdda and Colgate guys, this was a great experience!

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