Merry Christmas, Alex Cross: Review

Merry Christmas Alex Cross

Rating: 2*
One line review: Another muddling novel featuring the reappearance of The Family, the Islamic terrorist group out to attack USA.

The book

is about Alex Cross, called to stop a church robber on Christmas Eve. Just after he reaches home, he’s called away to another case – a father has taken his ex-wife and their kids hostage. Cross has to negotiate their release, but just as he thinks he can now enjoy Christmas with his family, he learns of another, larger threat.

My Thoughts, Let Me Show You Them

The Family returns! (Dun dun dun!) Honestly, I was more horrified at that fact – not because they are an inherently scary antagonist, but because I knew I would be bored to tears. And I was.

The other plot – the ex-lawyer holding his ex-wife and children hostage, was more gripping than the Family trying to attack on US soil (again), but even that was weak compared to the A plot of Kill Alex Cross. It seemed to me to be a foregone conclusion that Alex Cross would be successful, it was telegraphed pretty clearly from the very beginning.

The one thing that annoyed me about this book was Alex Cross’s family’s reactions to him being called away on work during Christmas. I honestly have no idea if Christmas is really SUCH a big deal in the US, but whenever Nana Mama (Alex’s grandmother, and the one who raised him) had something to say about how terrible it is that Alex Cross went off on Christams, I ground my teeth. If I could have reached into the book, I would have shaken her. He was off saving lives, have a little perspective, woman! Ugh.

I guess you can tell, I didn’t really like the book.

Why You Should Read This

If you have nothing better to read and/or you’re an Alex Cross fan.


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    • SS Kuruganti

      Haha – sadly, I knew I would be bored because this is like a continuation from the previous book (Kill Alex Cross) and I found the terrorist plot boring there, too. I had no choice but to press on, though. :/

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