‘Making Money’ and Doddy’s Troubles

I. ‘Making Money’

I finally got it in my hot little hands! *dances in glee* I’ve been waiting for the paperback version to come out since September of last year, and that happy day has finally come! *bounces some more*

I’ll definitely be reading through the night, couldn’t stop myself if I tried. =)

II. ‘Afterworld’

is something I’m still a little meh about, really. It’s only three minutes a day, so it’s not like I’ve got too much invested in it. But the more I see of it, the more I feel this is going to end up becoming something like ‘LOST’, quickly descending into WTF-ery.

III. My Doddy, Scourge of Old Ladies Everywhere!

Hee. Doddy was telling me how he was at the traffic signals at Liberty the other day, and he saw this old woman who was struggling to cross the road. Apparently she had been waiting forever, no one would stop, her feet were hurting, etc. etc.

Doddy knew all this because she was screaming it at the totally unperturbed drivers—at the top of her lungs.

So, Doddy, being the good Samaritan that he is, decided to help her out. He took her by the hand, and told her he’d help her cross the road. Halfway across the road, while keeping one eye on the traffic, he finally realised that he was walking a liiitle too fast for the old lady to keep up with him.

Result being that he had nearly dragged said old lady across two lanes of insane Hyderabadi traffic. XD

[mood: Bouncy]
[music: Linger: The Cranberries—my current fave track. I can honestly put it on endless repeat and not get bored. =)]


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  1. Ashish Waghray says: Reply

    It may be a small generous act, but it makes you feel so elated!

    you should watch this video:

    An arrogant guy in his mercedes gets owned by an old lady trying to cross the street.

    It would be so awesome if every old person could do that. the traffic would just stop in panic if they see an old person trying to cross the road! :)

  2. Sudha says: Reply

    I dunno, I have to admit it was a little bit the old lady’s fault, as well, for FALLING ASLEEP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET!

    Although perhaps the Mercedes Guy shouldn’t have honked quite so much. :P

    But all in all, thanks! That was pretty funny. XD

    if every old person could do that. the traffic would just stop in panic if they see an old person trying to cross the road! :)

    Too true! =)

  3. Anonymous says: Reply

    HELP me please! I don’t know what is happening to me and I’m descending into chaos and everyday I’m getting consumed by hate! Can you help me? You know who I am…

  4. Sudha says: Reply

    Anon: I’ve just emailed you. Please reply ASAP.

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