Kill Alex Cross: Review

Kill Alex Cross

Rating: 2*
One line review: A boring book that splits our focus between two sub plots – and I could only care about  one of them.

The book

is about Alex Cross, a detective in the Metropolitan Police Department, Washington. As an ex-profiler for the FBI, Alex Cross feels he has something to contribute to a kidnapping case, but is frozen out – because the kidnapped children are the daughter and son of the President of the USA, and only the FBI is to be involved. Simultaneously, a plot is underway to spread terror in America, set in motion by the Saudi Arabia based organization, The Family. Alex Cross must race to solve both cases.

My Thoughts, Let Me Show You Them

Honestly, this book was a disappointment. I expected better things from Patterson, given that his Kiss the Girls ranks as one of the scariest books I’ve ever read. I don’t really understand why Patterson split the plot into two cases that have so little to do with each other. I kept expecting there to be some connection between the two, but no, there really isn’t. Add to that the fact that the B plot was about yet another Islamic terrorist organization out to attack USA, and the book became boring very fast. I remember flipping to the front to check the publication date, I was so sure it was published sometime in 2002, because there didn’t seem to be any other reason for such a tired, old plot.

I cared more for the kidnapping of the President’s children, although even that seemed to be more about hitting the current hot button topics (health care in America!) rather than about being an actual thriller. The B plot, I could have done without. It felt like I was reading a novelisation of any one of Sunny Deol’s jingoistic C grade movies. Isn’t the big, bad, Islamic threat to USA done to death by now? We get it, terrorists are baaad. They bitch about how America/their target has done terrible things while ignoring their own sins. Really, enough already.

In the end, this novel tried too hard and ends up disappointing.

Why You Should Read This

Eh, if you have time to kill, maybe.


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