Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit: Review

Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit review

Rating: 3.5*

One line review: A comedy of errors with a happy ending. Read for the fun!

The book

is about Bertram Wooster, a member of the British aristocracy circa the early 50s; one of the idle rich, and employer of a manservant named Jeeves. His Aunt Dahlia needs help from Jeeves’s considerable intellect to sell her magazine to the Trotters so that her husband doesn’t find out she pawned her pearl necklace to keep the magazine running. Bertie needs Jeeves’s help because Stilton Cheesewright thinks Bertie has been trying to steal his fiance away, and his way of dealing with interlopers is depressingly physical. The only problem is that Jeeves and Bertie aren’t exactly seeing eye to eye over Bertie’s new mustache. Will Jeeves come through? Will Bertie keep his mustache?

My Thoughts, Let Me Show You Them

I’ve always loved Wodehouse books, and this was really no exception. It was difficult writing the synopsis of the story above, mostly because the plot of most Wodehouse novels is like having an iced coffee creation – delicious, and sweet, and filled with froth and a whole lot of nothing.

As I was telling a friend the other day – she saw the book on my table and asked me how it was – Wodehouse books are like Hrishikesh Mukherjee‘s comedies – comedies of errors with complicated plots that end happily for all involved.  The guy gets the girl, the good are rewarded and the reader gets a generous helping of humour.

Why You Should Read It

It’s impossible to feel unhappy after reading one of Wodehouse’s books.  Pick it up now and you’ll forget the worries and tensions of your daily grind, even if only for a little while.


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