Going nuts over Bolt!

Going Nuts for Boltzzz – introducing the road-ripper, the Tata Bolt!

Tata Bolt-callout

Bolting for the finish line. A bolt from the blue. What else do you think of when you hear the word bolt? Well, there’s a new answer now – the Tata Bolt, the sporty new car on the street.

Blogadda, along with Tata Motors, gave select bloggers the opportunity to check out the features of the new Bolt for themselves.

The car comes with some really cool features, like the Revotron 1.2, a turbocharged MPFi petrol engine, designed to give one a powerful driving experience. The revolutionary Revotron 1.2 is the first of its kind of engine, and gives the driver speed when it’s most required, and enhanced maneuverability on city roads as well as highways. After all, a car that had Narain Karthikeyan on its development team will definitely be all about speed.

Another speciality of the Tata Bolt is that it comes with a multi-drive system featuring 3 modes – City mode, optimized for city driving conditions – mad traffic, potholes in the roads – the kind of driving one does most, in fact – Eco mode, to maximise fuel efficiency, and Sport mode, for when you need that burst of power on a long drive down empty roads with soft rain falling from above…

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Speaking of long drives, road trips and even short drives are incomplete without music – and this is where the ConnectNext entertainment system comes into the picture. The system also connects one to media like songs, pictures, and videos, and connect to your phone to answer calls and read out your messages. This multimedia infotainment system also allows one to connect to maps, a must in Indian cities and on Indian roads – even when offline, yay! – through MapMyIndia. One of the awesome features of the ConnectNext is that the volume is adjusted according to your speed – so if you kick up the speed on a long highway, the volume revs up to match the mood. Guaranteed adrenalin rush!

Tata Bolt-1

The inside of the car cuddles your every curve with soft, lush rugby shoulder seats, designed to give the most comfortable driving experience. It really is more luxurious than any other car in its segment!

Tata Bolt-3 copy

And of course, for beginner drivers like me – still new to the insane Delhi NCR traffic – there’s the safety features like the dual airbags – for both the driver and passenger side (finally, a car in its segment that prizes safety!)  and stability control for taking corners at high speed .

The guys at the Bolt Arena were kind enough to explain all the features to me, so many thanks to them. And the best part of the experience was the ‘epic’ photo the guys at the Bolt Arena gave me. Check it out!

Tata Bolt-epic-photo copy

Yes, that’s me with Narain Karthikeyan! A bit of wizardry with Photoshop and there you go – a celebrity photo. Pretty cool! =)

So that was my experience of going nuts over Boltzz! I’m definitely looking into getting my own Bolt in my parking space.

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