Geekery Abounds (new laptopnewlaptopnewlaptop!)

[mood| Yayz!]
[music| Bai Se Lian Qu: RaRa (Mars ST – Love this song – thanks Amul!)]

Finally put Dhanno out to pasture.

By that I mean my old laptop, the Lenovo R50e. I realised I was asking a little too much of a poor little 32 GB laptop and decided to go in for a newer, faster one.

And it’s here! My Samsung R480! =)

Already I’m developing a worrying tendency to clutch it close and hiss ‘My Precious!’ at anyone who comes too close.

It’s just so…shiny! In both the conventional meaning of the word, as well as the Firefly one. :P

The only problem so far is the damned keyboard, which I’m not really used to yet – I miss my Dhanno, with it’s slow speed, but Desktop-like, spacious keyboard. :/

But still! New laptop new laptopnewlaptop! *dances*

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