Dark Things Between the Shadow and the Soul

Dark Things fractured fairy tales indian mythology
Dark Things: Between the Shadow and the Soul  is an anthology of fantasy flash fiction based on Indian mythology.

The book was first published as a series of posts on my blog – one a week, for a whole year. We’ve seen hundreds of books and TV shows based on Greek and Roman myths – Percy Jackson, Clash of the Titans, Immortals, Gods Behaving Badly – the list goes on.

So where is all the fiction based on Indian mythology?

Well, one piece of writing advice I take to heart is: write what ou would like to read.

So here it is.

Set as an anthology of 22 short stories framed as fractured fairy tales from Indian mythology, this book is sure to delight lovers of the unusual.

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Enter a world where demons fall in love with deities, the unquiet dead are exorcised with food, and the love story of a shape shifter and an ordinary man ends in tragedy.

Rearranging age old tales from Indian mythology into something new, this collection of fractured fairy tales will delight lovers of the unusual.
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