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I’ve been writing since I was a kid of thirteen, although what I wrote then were terrible, terrible poems filled with puns that only I thought were funny. Occasionally, I dabbled in prose.

Then, I discovered The Internet. And with it, fanfiction.

The very first fanfic I ever wrote was for The Pretender, a show that I still have a lingering fondness for, despite its conspiracy-theories-on-crack plot. I then graduated to writing fanfic for Harry Potter, then Firefly, and then it just ballooned into a great big ball of many fandoms competing for my time. I was writing every day, and I loved it.

In the middle of all this, I started presenting my short stories on All India Radio. I forget how exactly I got into it, I vaguely recall my English teacher from college asking me to contribute something for a college ‘talent’ show on AIR, and then it just grew from there. Hmm. A lot of similarities between the two origin stories.

My foray into original flash fiction was pretty much the same, it started with a lingering dissatisfaction with the way Indian mythology was depicted in fiction (specifically, televised fiction, still more specifically, Supernatural) and then – again – it grew from there.

You can find all of my fiction here. Yes, even some of my recent fan fiction, which I know isn’t technically ‘original’, you shameless pedant.

All fiction here is © SS Kuruganti. Feel free to share or link, though! Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. As are comments, compliments, general squee, and linkage.

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The Vyathaka Puranas by SS Kuruganti

The Vyathaka Puranas
The Vyathaka Puranas are a series of flash fiction stories based on Hindu mythology. Some of them are vignettes set in the time of the actual legend, some of them are stories based on legends, while still others are spin offs of our most famous myths. All are based on Indian myths and legends.






SS Kuruganti's flash fiction




Short fiction
I presented some of my flash fiction on All India Radio, as part of their ‘Yuuvaani’ programme. I’ll be updating those stories on this site in time. These stories are not based on a central theme, they were written based on the whisperings of my flighty muse.




Fanfic by SS Kuruganti




I started out in fanfiction, and I return to it from time to time, dabbling in fandoms that I fall in love with. You can find most of my recent drabbles here. Featuring fanfic from Rockstar, Talaash, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and The Chronicles of Narnia.

My fanwork (as Isha_libran) has been featured on TV Tropes ‘Fanfic Worth Dying For‘ page, and I’ve been interviewed by The Times of India for my views on fanfic.

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