Vegan Savoury Wheat Pancakes



Or, for those of you from Andhra Pradesh, గోదం దోస.

Basically, savoury pancakes/dosas made from whole wheat flour (chapati atta) and rice powder. Takes about fifteen minutes of preparation. Recipe under the cut.

So, first, you need to make your batter. There’s no measurement, as such, it depends on how many you need to feed. All you have is a ratio, which is 1 part whole wheat flour : 2 parts rice powder.

Add cumin (jeera), salt, and chilli powder (or other seasoning) to your taste, and then add water to make a paste. Again, there isn’t really a measure here, just add enough so that it is a thin, watery paste. I usually like to add diced onions and tomatoes to the batter.

Like this.
Now, drizzle vegetable oil onto your pan (yes, even if it’s non-stick) and once the pan starts sizzling, pour some of the batter onto the pan. You don’t need to worry about making them even, round pancakes, the best thing about these dosas is that they’re supposed to be irregular and have big holes in them. Drizzle a little more oil onto the sides of the dosa.

You need to let the pancake fry on medium to high heat till it turns golden brown and can be easily flipped.

Once you’ve flipped it, it should look like this.
Once flipped, let it cook on the other side till golden brown, then serve.

I usually make a peanut or coconut chutney to go with this.



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4 Comment

  1. Anonymous says: Reply

    :D mom makes them sometimes… they are nice… and urs look nice too… :D


  2. Argentyne says: Reply

    Interesting! Can you make idlis with this too? Also, where do I get rice powder?

  3. SSK says: Reply

    @Briand: Thank you! I do consider it a compliment to match someone's mom's skill – even if only in producing good looking food. =)

  4. SSK says: Reply

    @Argentyne: Hmm. Never tried idlis with this batter. Not sure it would rise. There is another recipe I have for what I call lazy idli (it takes 15 minutes preparation) which I'll share soon.

    where do I get rice powder?

    I cannot believe someone living in Chennai has asked me this question. Seriously, though, any ordinary grocery store should carry rice powder.

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