Strawberry Surprise Cupcakes



Strawberry Surprise Cupcakes

Strawberry surprise cupcakes – cupcakes with a strawberry flavoured buttercream frosting, topped by a fondant strawberry. The surprise part comes from the chocolate hiding in the middle of a strawberry cupcake!

Again, inspired by Mr. Mous. Hope you like!

Made these as a gift for a friend. The cupcake topper is made of fondant, and the strawberries in the background are my Strawberry Fields Favours.

Recipe under the cut.

Strawberry Surprise Cupcakes
Another view, because I liked these so much.

I used my standard chiffon cake batter to make cupcakes, but added a little swirl of chocolate into each – which is the ‘surprise’. On the outside, it looks just like any other strawberry cupcake, but once you bite into it, you get a subtle hint of chocolate, as well. So – strawberry chocolate marble cupcakes!

You can see the marble effect in the one cupcake I have cut in half.

I filled the cupcake liner one-third full with my strawberry batter before adding a spiral of chocolate sauce. I then topped it up with more strawberry cupcake batter. As the cake rose, the chocolate was distributed unevenly to form the ‘marble’ affect.

The frosting was strawberry flavoured buttercream, which I made by adding three tablespoons of molten butter to five tablespoons of hot water. I then mixed in icing sugar, strawberry essence and red food colouring until it became a paste.

For the cupcake topper, I used red and green coloured fondant, using red fondant to make little triangle shapes. I then rolled out my green fondant onto a floured surface. I used my star shaped cookie cutter to cut out little stars for the calyx (leaf) for each strawberry, oinching the head of each to make a stalk. I then made little indentations (like a golf ball, or, well, an actual strawberry) on the fondant strawberry.


Tasted delicious, and I do quite like how the little strawberry cupcake topper turned out.


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