Chocolate Overload Cake

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Chocolate Overload Cake
Since I’ve long been a chocoholic, I thought I’d try my hand at a homemade Death by Chocolate cake.

This ended up becoming something more like a Mud Pie in the amount of chocolate it contained, so I’m going to call it my Chocolate Overload Cake.

It was a bit too rich for me to eat too much of, but as experiments go, I shall deem this a success –  a tale I shall further expound under the cut, for its length.

Chocolate Overload Cake

The cake is a basic chiffon cake, with 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder and 3 tablespoons of coffee flavoured milk (I read somewhere that adding coffee made the chocolate flavour of the cocoa richer).

The frosting was a different story altogether.

I was a little sick of buttercream frosting (I only have salted butter on hand, so it is invariably never sweet enough when I first taste it, and then I err too much when I add sugar to sweeten it) so I did a perfunctory internet search for marzipan, and whether you could cover cake with it. You could, but then I’ve never actually liked marzipan, so when I discovered this thing called fondant, I was excited.

It turns out it’s a lot more complicated than it looks, and you really do need ALL the ingredients listed in most online recipes (gelatin and glycerin being what I actually mean). I quite foolishly decided to club together two different recipes I had read online – one which called for the fondant to be made from a plain sugar syrup, and one which needed glycerin and gelatin, but said that they were optional, adding that glycerin was added to fondant to give it that glossy look.

Having done a little digging online and having discovered that glycerin in cosmetics can be substituted with coconut oil, I decided to do the same for my fondant, and added one tablespoon of coconut oil to my sugar syrup.

This was my first, and biggest mistake.

It smelled nice – I like coconut – but I firmly believe it was because of this that the sugar syrup absolutely refused to come together and become solid. After a long, long time of working the mixture with a spoon, and sprinkling icing sugar over it in desperation, I finally ended up with a gloopy mixture.

At which point I got annoyed, said ‘To hell with it,’ and decided to just add as much cornstarch and sugar it would take to make it a solid. The idea was to get something resembling a chapathi dough, from what I understood from the internet tutorials, and I ran out of powdered sugar before it did, and I had to use granulated sugar – the second mistake. Which explains why the fondant frosting looks so grainy in the photo, it actually was crunchy in the mouth.

The consequence of all this was that it was insanely difficult to roll out – when it should have been as easy as rolling out a chapathi/pancake. I ended up having to pound out a good solid chunk of it into a flat shape big enough to fit over the top of my cake.

It tasted good, though, so I’m calling the fondant a partial success.


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