Eden of the East [I]

Eden of the East [I]

Eden of the East

11 episodes

As always, highlight to read spoilers, and all fanfic recommendations are based purely on my own shipping preferences. Feel free to add anything I may have missed.

eden of the east

Eden of the East starts in media res, as such, with Morimi Saki visiting America as part of her graduation trip with her college friends. In the world she lives in, on November 22, 2010, ten missiles strike uninhabited areas of Japan, claiming no victims. This apparent terrorist act is referred to as ‘Careless Monday’ and is disregarded by most people, except for some political fallout.

While on her graduation trip three months later, Saki learns they’re stopping in Washington, DC. Saki has always longed to visit the White House and throw a coin onto the grounds for luck (?), so she slips away from the rest of her group and proceeds to do just that. The police mistake her for a criminal though, and appear on the verge of arresting her when they are distracted by a naked man – with a gun.

The naked man is a fellow Japanese, calling himself Takizawa Akira, who helps Saki escape from the police. Akira has lost his memory, and the only thing he has is his gun, and a very sophisticated cell phone. Saki and Akira end up travelling together, striking up an instant friendship. On their way back to Japan however, they learn that a missile has just struck Japan.

My Thoughts, Let Me Show You Them

I won’t give away more of the plot here (everything I mentioned here was just in the first episode), but trust me when I say it’s a little confusing, but ultimately satisfying story line. You do feel for the characters, and want them to succeed.

If I remember right, Neocloud9 on LJ recommended this to me, and I have really enjoyed it.

Of course, this series raised more questions than it answered, but then I guess that’s expected, given that it’s the first part of a trilogy.

Although I do have one question – how exactly Juiz – who is supposed to be some kind of artifical intelligence – could alter human anatomy and the laws of physics to give the Johnny Hunter WINGS that could support two human beings? o_0

Because, you know what? DOES NOT COMPUTE.

ETA: I guess it was explained away as a something animatronic purchased from a special effects firm, but it still makes no sense to me.

Why You Should Watch It

Because Takizawa and Saki are literally the cutest thing ever. And the character design is excellent. Very reminiscent of Morita and Ayumi, respectively, from Honey and Clover but then, it is the same artist, and production house. =)

Can’t wait for November and the two follow up movies that shall hopefully explain everything.

And the OP, OMG. ♥ Wonderful stuff. I’ve had it stuck in my head for nearly a week now. =)

OP: ‘Falling Down’ by Oasis
ED: ‘Futuristic Imagination’ by School Food Punishment (heh, love the name!)

Fanfic Recs

Falling Down by LilyGinnyBlack
Rated: PG-13
Ship: General, no ships
Chapters: 14
Word count: 5,403
Summary: Cause they were all falling down, somewhere and in some way…
-A series of 14 one-shots/drabbles that examine various characters throughout the series, relating each one to lyric from the opening song, “Falling Down,” by Oasis. Spoilers!

Just the one. I haven’t really found any more (yet – I still hold out hope!) that I’d like to recommend, though not for a lack of trying.


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