DIY: Potpourri

I’ve always loved potpourri, and I enjoy how it fills the room with a lovely aroma. I’ve just never enjoyed how the quality stuff costs an arm and a leg. So when I collected a bunch of pine cones on my

So when I collected a bunch of pine cones on my road trip to Meghalya, I couldn’t let it go without using them in a DIY project. And so the idea of DIY potpourri was born. =)

DIY pot pourri

It all started because I had this in the corner of my sitting room – this set of tea tree roots, which was meant to be topped with a piece of glass and used as a centre table.


Until I got a piece of glass cut to the purpose, however, I needed something there. Which is when I remembered this:


This brass hundi I bought a while ago. Usually, I fill it with floating candles and flowers before a party, and it looks very pretty. I decided to put it to some use in the everyday as a bowl for my potpourri.

I did a little research online and found that it was easy enough to dry flowers and leaves in the microwave.

For the base of the potpourri, I used the flowers from a bouquet I had received on my birthday, pulling the petals apart when they started falling on their own.


I also used the leaves of these ferns, and my pine cones, which would look great as part of the potpourri.

 So here are all the ‘ingredients’!

How to make your own potpourri

Here’s what you need to get started.





The internet is a wonderful thing, and I found it easy to find a way to dry my flowers and leaves in the microwave.



I put them in for 20 minutes at 120 degrees Centigrade, and they came out dry and a little crispy.

Given that I needed my potpourri to be purplish-blue-violet, I needed to colour some of the leaves I wanted to use in my DIY potpourri. For which I used simple, cheap and on-hand items – like blue ink.


I mixed the blue ink with a little water, and then put it into a spray bottle. You can see that I used an empty window cleaner bottle (Colin, to be specific), in keeping with my cheap thrifty nature.


They turned out well!


Now time for the fun part – adding the scent! I put all the ingredients into a nice paper bag, sprinkled some drops of scent over the potpourri mix and shook it all well.


I used both the local perfume – attar made from essential oils – and the perfume samples I picked up from the cosmetics counters at various malls.


It worked out very well!

Now all that was left was putting everything together. I made a nice thick layer of potpourri in my hundi, and then it was time for my all time decor favourite – candles!


All you need is a candle in a complementary colour, like so.

Here’s the result!




When I need to refresh the scent, I simply sprinkle a few drops of perfume over the pine cones or leaves.


In a pinch, you could also use air freshener.


So there you have it!

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