Dear Animax India – Re: ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Romeo x Juliet’

Dear Animax India,

Re: ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Romeo x Juliet’

Point the first: ‘Supernatural’

Romeo x Juliet
While you are stupendous, fantastic and awesomely awesome for being the first to broadcast Season 5 of ‘Supernatural’ in India so I can enjoy Jensen Ackles in all his glory on my widescreen LCD TV (which is a nice change of pace from my laptop screen, which cannot adequately capture his full awesomeness, WOE)— as your well wisher, I am moved to ask: you do know that S5 is going to be ending soon, right?

You’ll be done with it by next week at the rate you’ve been going (Monday to Friday!) which baffles me, btw, because one season is meant to last 6 months, and I know you know this, you broadcast all your other shows the way they’re meant to be watched.

And you know you’re going to have start with re-runs of Seasons 1-5 once S5 is done, right?

Because: let me assure you, withdrawal symptoms are not pretty.

So you’re not going to let me down as you did before with Kyou Kara Maou! and even Supernatural itself, when you broadcast just the first season in 2006 and forgot the rest, right?


Point the Second: ‘Romeo x Juliet’

Romeo x Juliet
I don’t think I’ve ever heard such terrible Voice Actors for the leads in an anime.

Seriously, Animax, wtf happened? o_0

I know you have good VAs in your stable, I saw your English dub of Toward the Terra; I remember the guy who dubbed for Keith Anyan and he was good.

Similarly, I also saw your English dub of Red Garden and La Cordo D’Oro, which leads me to ask again: wtf, Animax India, wtf?

The woman who did Rose from Red Garden as Juliet? Seriously? And the guy who did the bassist from La Cordo D’Oro for Romeo?

Juliet, who is supposed to be a kick-ass secret revolutionary sounds like a whiny twelve year old, gah. No fire, no spirit, nothing. And Romeo was just as bad.

Now that I think about it, they should’ve had the guy who did Tybalt‘s voice to do Romeo. Who I suspect was the same guy who did Keith Anyan’s voice from Terra-e.

It’s sad, Romeo x Juliet looked interesting, and I like Shakespeare, especially his ‘Romeo and Juliet’, so I was fully prepared to enjoy this anime, but.

I honestly wanted to shut my ears in protest every time I heard the leads speak a line, argh, it was like fingernails to the blackboard in my soul, if I wanted to be dramatic, which I totally do.

I can’t bear to watch any more; I’m going to switch to the subs. :/


No love at all.



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  1. a-hem

    Ooh, my sis has made me get Romeo x Juliet. Will get around to watching it, once I clear up the mountain of other things I have to watch… I've got the subs, though. Are the dubs really that horrid?

    And when you're done with Supernatural let me know, we need dissect and discuss.

  2. SSK

    Romeo x Juliet (…) Are the dubs really that horrid?

    They are. Believe me they are. :/

    Words cannot adequately capture how horrible some of Animax's English dubs are.

    In some mysterious decision that I cannot understand, they don't use the already officially dubbed versions of the shows – they get them dubbed by their own VAs.

    The only 'official' ones I've seen were Fullmetal Alchemist, Samurai Champloo and Blood+, sadly. Not even Hellsing (with Crispin Freeman!), woe. D:

    Coming back to Romeo x Juliet, the story itself seemed pretty cool – like I said, I'll have to get the subs, because I was intrigued by where things were going and want to know what happens next…


    What else is in your 'mountain' of stuff to watch? =)

    And when you're done with Supernatural let me know, we need dissect and discuss

    I am!

    And I never knew you were into this show, too! (Yay! :D)

    Please to excuse me while I bounce about dementedly – I have sorely needed someone to squee over Jensen A with. :P

  3. a-hem

    ! Oh, I didn't realize they did their own dubbing. That's odd…

    But yes, from what sibling has told me, it does seem rather intriguing.

    Mountain of stuff: Currently working my way through Gokinjo Monogatari. (Same female who created Nana and ParaKiss. Infact, some of the characters appear in ParaKiss, which I've mostly forgotten and need to rewatch.) I'm also watching Kaichou wa Maid-Sama. (I actually caught that on Animax and wanted to see what happens next!) Umm, Winter Sonata, although that's Korean and not Japanese. Surprisingly good, though. I seem to be a sucker for drama. I'm waiting for FMA Brotherhood to complete so I get it in one-shot. I believe you're following that, though? How is it going? And what else are you watching these days?

    And oops about Supernatural! I remember reading that post, and then promptly forgot. My bad, sorry! :D But yes, we must squee over Jensen. I have to admit, I am more of a Jared fan (thanks to Gilmore Girls.) He's such a DORK. I heart dorks.

  4. SSK

    ! Oh, I didn't realize they did their own dubbing. That's odd…

    It has never ever made a lick of sense to me. *rolls eyes at Animax*


    Ah, yeah. I remember that show. *nostalgic smile* Speaking of, how is Nana? I've heard a lot about it, but never actually seen it.

    I'm also watching Kaichou wa Maid-Sama. (I actually caught that on Animax and wanted to see what happens next!)

    Heh. So am I! It's so formulaic that I don't know why I like it, but I still do, for some strange reason. :P

    Winter Sonata

    I've recently been sucked into Kdrama as well – my friend got me into it by giving me Full House and Goong and Coffee Prince and telling me I had to see them, and I really enjoyed them – but I remember hearing WS was pretty tragic. And I Do Not Do Tragic. Ever.

    So, yeah, that's pretty much out for me. :P

    Speaking of Kdrama – I was recently supposed to start with the Kdrama version of Hana Yori Dango – part of my own 'mountain' of stuff, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Seen it? And does it live up to its hype?

    FMA Brotherhood (…) How is it going?

    It's pretty awesome, actually. =) While I do like the other anime as well, I must say I prefer FMA:B because of the fabulous new characters that have been added. The plot has got a wider reach, too, of course, and I really like this portrayal of Hohenheim. =)

    I preferred the art work of the other anime, though. Much prettier. *shrugs*

    I have to admit, I am more of a Jared fan (thanks to Gilmore Girls)

    Not seen GG, but YES on the dork thing. XD

    I shall always prefer Jensen, though. That 'Eye of the Tiger' clip being one of the many many reasons why, of course. ;)

    And of course, coming to characters – again, for me, Dean >>>>> Sam.

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