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On my Bookshelf
Books and manga I’m in the process of reading – rated from 5* (awesome) to 1* (sucks). I read all kinds of things – novels, non-fiction (sometimes), manga, graphic novels, and even trashy Mills and Boons romances.

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Gods of War by Ashok Banker

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7 Comment

  1. Jimmy D M says: Reply

    Atleast now I will be remembered at someone’s deathbed for sharing all the nice books

    1. SSK says: Reply

      Such drama baazi! If it makes you feel better, I promise to take out a full page advertisement in all leading newspapers – just to thank you – when I’m on my deathbed.

      1. Jimmy D M says: Reply

        waise bhi which of your promises you have kept in life – try and list down one – that will give me some confidence

  2. Jimmy D M says: Reply

    So from your “drama “baazi-gar” – haar ke jeetne waale ko jimmy Douglas morrison kehte hai!!!

    1. SSK says: Reply

      I hope you are suitably ashamed of yourself for the extreme lameness of your so-called joke.


        I am not talking to you… go away…shoo..shoo.. go away

        1. SSK says: Reply

          Can’t believe you got so bugged! :D

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